Apple TV G2 has a fast restore time

I just performed my 1st firmware restore on the Apple TV G2 and I was amazed at how fast the whole process was. I am betting on a fast data rate trough the micro usb interface and fast read/write to flash.  The whole firmware process probably too no longer that 3 minutes, from start to [...]

AppleTV 2 now shipping

I just got confirmation from Apple that the AppleTV 2 have started shipping… at least to Canada:

Based on the Fedex record the unit should be at my door on Wednesday the 29th.

Last week some people reported delay in the delivery of the new “hobby” device… but this prove it [...]

Netflix now available in Canada

Image via CrunchBase is now open for business.  You can now subscribe to a 1 month trial membership account and enjoy streaming movies.  Be warned that you will need to provide a valid canadian credit card or Paypal account to complete the process.

At that point you will be able to stream movies and TV episodes [...]

Netflix to unveil Canadian service tomorrow

Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings will be in Toronto Wednesday to launch an online video subscription service that allows Canadians to download their favorite flicks and TV shows for a monthly fee.

Netflix entering the Canadian market, its first foreign expansion, has local video distribution players girding for cutthroat competition as still more [...]

VLC on iPad: Fail for now

The Good:

It will play those old AVI of mine and those TV Episode AVI that I download once in a while when I miss a recording on my DVR.

The Bad:

The application feel very beta.  This is understandable as the team wanted to produce a simple application and see if Apple would approve before [...]

Airplay is Apple’s ‘Go to Market’ Internet TV strategy | 9 to 5 Mac Airplay is Apple’s ‘Go to Market’ Internet TV strategy

Image via CrunchBase

9to5mac is reporting that the AppleTV will be able to play any h.264 encoded video sent from the iPhone/iPad. This means that as you surf the web and discover something interesting to play you can stream it to your AppleTV.

This is huge as it essentially validate my toughts that an iPad + AppleTV [...]

Livestation now available on Boxee

Image via CrunchBase

The team at Livestation and Boxee got together over the last few weeks to cook up an amazing Boxee app that allow Boxee users to get access to both free-to-air channels like Al Jazeera and BBC World News or the subscription based ones like CNN International, CNBC or Bloomberg.

The Livestation app for Boxee [...]

Netflix coming to Canada this fall

Netflix NFLX spokesman Steve Swasey confirms that the Canada move will be the extent of the company’s international forays this year. Still, it’s expansion, right? It’s also worth noting that Canadian customers will only be able to subscribe to the Web offering, but still won’t be able to get Netflix DVDs via the email. It’s [...]

Xfinity Remote for the iPad

This seems pretty exciting — it has already driven leading music industry blogger, Bob Lefsetz, to remark, “So far, we havent found an app that demands purchase of the iPad.  Today, weve got one.” So what is it? This clip sees Comcast CEO Brian Roberts demonstrate the Xfinity Remote prototype at the Cable Show 2010.

via [...]

Joost building a Playstation 3 specific web interface

Apparently a casual mention on the Engadget HD podcast is enough to bring anyone out of hiding, as Joost follows Managed Copy out of the shadows, showing off a test of a new interface for the video streaming website that is optimized for the PlayStation 3 web browser. Simply pull up from [...]