Netflix to unveil Canadian service tomorrow

Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings will be in Toronto Wednesday to launch an online video subscription service that allows Canadians to download their favorite flicks and TV shows for a monthly fee.

Netflix entering the Canadian market, its first foreign expansion, has local video distribution players girding for cutthroat competition as still more [...]

Netflix coming to Canada this fall

Netflix NFLX spokesman Steve Swasey confirms that the Canada move will be the extent of the company’s international forays this year. Still, it’s expansion, right? It’s also worth noting that Canadian customers will only be able to subscribe to the Web offering, but still won’t be able to get Netflix DVDs via the email. It’s [...]

Rogers Removes $20 Data Bolt-On For iPad, Confirms No Fido Support

iPadinCanada is reporting that the $20 Bolt-On option from Rogers was removed

Earlier this morning, Rogers removed the $20 bolt-on option stating it was an error:

Many of you have asked about the shared data plan listed on the Apple website. This reference was an error and is being removed.

So if you do not have an iPhone [...]

Steve, force unlimited data plan on every iPhone provider!

There could be an easy way to fix this mess up in Canada between Rogers and the outraged potential Apple iPhone 3G customers… force every providers to offer unlimited data plans. Wouldn’t it make sense?

Think about it! The iPhone 3G is all about fast data access rivaling WiFi, new applications download capabilities, push mail/contacts/meetings, [...]