Cydia hack enables Airplay in all apps

A new hack for jailbroken iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch now allow AirVideo from all applications making use of the standard Apple iOS media player.

AirPlay over Apple’s AirVideo to Apple TV2 demo

This morning, after working out AirPlay video streaming details with Steven Troughton Smith, I decided to give Matej Knopp a call. His name may not ring a bell, but hes the developer of the awesome Air Video application. Air Video, which sells on the App Store for just three dollars, allows you to [...]

Apple teases iTunes event

Visit this morning and you will be greeted with the above screen.

Apple will announce something memorable tomorrow about iTunes. Could this be iTunes streaming?  Cloud based iTunes… you library in the cloud? Apple just built a massive Data Center and some have speculated that it might have to do with iTunes in the cloud.

Maybe [...]

AirPrint Hacktivator

A lot of people are looking at activating AirPrint on the new Snow Leopard 10.6.5… but it requires a tedious terminal session.

So I followed a link from a post to the 3 files required and wrote a small wrapper around them to make the installation easier. The application is called AirPrintHacktivator and can be downloaded on [...]

PLEX Apple TV2 alpha client now available

PLEX, the media center for OSX and iOS now has a proof of concept client for Apple TV2.  This client, installed on a jailbroken Apple TV2, will allow you to stream most any kind of video back to your Apple TV2.

The PLEX client rely on a server side (read Mac) component that act as a [...]

VLC for iPad: 125,000 downloads in one day

Applidium reported that they have seen 125,000 downloads of their VLC application for the iPad.  This is a whole lot of download for one day when you consider that it is for iPad only.

Applidium now has to work hard and quick on improving the product to make it truely usefull.  I fear that in it’s [...]

The Mother Lode: Welcome to the iMac Touch – Patently Apple

While most of us were getting ready for the iPads arrival in January and Patently Apple hard at work preparing our major series called the Tablet Prophecies, a major iMac Touch patent was being quietly published in Europe. And while some of the graphic figures of todays patent did slip out in Europe, [...]

Livestation now available on Boxee

Image via CrunchBase

The team at Livestation and Boxee got together over the last few weeks to cook up an amazing Boxee app that allow Boxee users to get access to both free-to-air channels like Al Jazeera and BBC World News or the subscription based ones like CNN International, CNBC or Bloomberg.

The Livestation app for Boxee [...]

HP confirms that Slate is still kicking, next steps being determined

Engadget reported that, to their surprise, the Win 7 HP Slate is still kicking. HP officially confirmed this morning that the product is still very much in the works. The outfits not sharing much, but a spokesperson from its Personal Systems group did tell us that theyre “in customer evaluations now and will make a [...]

Cisco Cius preview

Here is a short walk around video of the Cisco Cius:

1st impression is that is it small, very small.  Not sure I would like to trade my iPad for it.  It also look pretty cheapy compared to the iPad.  A lot of plastic and the seames ane not lining up very tightly.  I [...]