Apple rephrasing it’s green

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Apple is now calling its MacBook laptops “the world’s greenest lineup of notebooks” instead of “the world’s greenest family of notebooks” in response to a recommendation by the Better Business Bureau’s advertising division.

A MacBook page on shows the revised wording “the world’s greenest lineup of notebooks.”

The division came to the recommendation after [...]

New OSX Install solution of Dell Mini 9 and 10v

Image by Slaff via Flickr

You may or may not be aware that I am the author of DellEFI, the application that allow common users to run OSX on the Dell Mini… but now you know!

I want to rethink the whole installation solution for OSX on the Mini 9 and 10v. What I mean by [...]

Dell Mini 10v OSX support via DellEFI

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

It’s been a busy 2 months at work and kind of neglected the DellEFI community in the process. But this hopefully is about to change. I am getting some breathing room and will start working on it again as I find the time.

One thing that draw my interest [...]

Bidding Adieu to the Dell Inspiron Mini 9

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As some of you with sharp eyes noted over the weekend, today marks the official retirement of the Dell Inspiron Mini 9, our first entry into the netbook market. It was a successful product by any number of measures, including the unofficial “modders dream” device with owners adding GPS modules, installing different OS, [...]

Dell Mini 9 netbook becoming a better OS X solution

Sometimes there is no better way to get something right than to fix it yourself. Back in late december I installed OS X on that Dell Mini 9 Netbook I purchased.

Back then there where some things that where not quite right, namelly:

- Random UI Artifacts
- Sound would not work after resuming from sleep
- Updating [...]

My Dell Mini Apple Netbook, Perfect

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As I wrote in a previous post I bought a very nice and cheap Dell Mini 9 netbook with the intention of converting it to an Apple Netbook.

The website provided all the instructions required to install a functional OS X 10.5.6 based netbook… but not everything was perfect.

I started following and contributing [...]