BBC and Google in talks to launch international iPlayer site

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BBC and Google in talks to launch international iPlayer site. BBC content is also available on YouTube in the UK, but only in short clip format. This step would mean BBC shows could be seen globally in their entirety on the iPlayer platform supported by YouTube.

The BBC iPlayer allows viewers to watch popular [...]

Livestation sets up global Live Appeal channel

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A new initiative has been launched by Livestation, the destination for live TV online designed to help large-scale charity appeals to broadcast their calls for donations to a global audience during times of crisis and emergency. The channel will feature a line up of the current crisis appeals and will be [...]

Former Sony PlayStation Europe CEO Chris Deering Joins Livestation Advisory Board

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Livestation ( announced that former Sony PlayStation Europe CEO, Chris Deering, has joined the Livestation advisory board. Deering brings a decade of experience as CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, innovating and creating new markets in the digital media industry.

Chris recently commented his decision to join the Livestation Advisory Board: “The future of [...]

Grab your broadband ringside seat to the US Election with Livestation

As the race for the White House reaches its climax, Livestation is offering a unique, interactive experience. With some of the best global news channels available in one place, Livestation viewers can benefit from a wide choice of coverage, multiple perspectives and the chance to use the Livestation chat functionality to influence how live, on-air [...]

ITN On joins Livestation’s partner channel line up

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News, including sports and entertainment top stories available to anyone with a broadband connection

17 October 2008: ITN On one of the world’s leading producers of news and entertainment content for multimedia platforms joined Livestation today.

Livestation viewers can now access ITN On’s made-for-broadband 24 hour channel, the only channel of its kind in [...]

Joost figured out what to do

Silicon Alley Insider published an interview of Mike Volpi about the future of Joost.

Mike report that Joost player was a great execution of a 2006 vision that did not pan out as expected given the new 2008 playing field. Mr. Volpi also reported that Joost hope to provide a better package and presentation solution to [...]