Cisco Cius preview

Here is a short walk around video of the Cisco Cius:

1st impression is that is it small, very small.  Not sure I would like to trade my iPad for it.  It also look pretty cheapy compared to the iPad.  A lot of plastic and the seames ane not lining up very tightly.  I [...]

Linux on the iPhone: Android on iPhone 3G

If you own an iPhone 3G, you are tech savy and want to test run Google Android here is your chance!

Source: Linux on the iPhone: Android on iPhone 3G.

Livestation partners with weComm to deliver live TV news on all smartphones

Image via CrunchBase

weComm, the leader in interactive mobile data solutions, today announced that it has partnered with Livestation to deliver live TV news to mobile handsets including Android and BlackBerry devices.

Livestation already delivers high quality live TV streaming services on iPhone for world class news partners such as BBC World News and Al Jazeera. weComm [...]

YouTube XL: Video Portal To Your TV

Its called YouTube XL, and its going to bring the vast majority of YouTubes content to your TV or large-screen computer monitor.

…But YouTube has stripped out many of the suggested videos, comments, and other content that clutters the main site in favor of a much more streamlined interface that is usable from across the room.

One [...]