Livestation app store to watch the Europa League matches shown live

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Livestation have released an app on the App Store a few days ago in partnership with Five and UEFA to allow purchasers to watch the Europa League matches shown live on Five in the UK on their iPhone/iPod touch devices.

The app retails for a one-off fee of £3.99 and it will give access [...]

Press TV joins Livestation on day of exclusive, live Presidential debate

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Internet users worldwide are being offered exclusive free access to Wednesday’s live Presidential debate between incumbent Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his challenger in the forthcoming election, the last Prime Minister of Iran, Mir-Hossein Mousavi.

The live broadcast, which takes place at 19:00 GMT on Wednesday 3 June, is being broadcast on Press TV [...]

Al Arabiya joins Livestation

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Livestation, the destination for live TV broadcasting over broadband, has widened its choice of Arabic channels with the addition of Dubai-based Al Arabiya.

The 24-hour news channel, which offers a mix of breaking news, current, documentaries and sports updates has joined Livestation’s existing line-up of Arabic news channels which already included services offered by [...]

Livestation sets up global Live Appeal channel

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A new initiative has been launched by Livestation, the destination for live TV online designed to help large-scale charity appeals to broadcast their calls for donations to a global audience during times of crisis and emergency. The channel will feature a line up of the current crisis appeals and will be [...]

My experience with Livestation on the iPhone

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As you know I am currently testing an alpha copy of Livestation for the iPhone. I can tell you that so far I am pretty happy with it and and that it will be a keeper!

Why will I keep this one application and why did I got rid of joost iPhone app? [...]

Livestation streaming coming to the iPhone/iPod Touch

Livestation has been busy working on an iPhone/iPod Touch application that will let you watch live TV on your device over WiFi network connections.

The new application is not yet available but will be demonstrated live on Livestation on Thursday 04 December at 5pm GMT and will be available on a Livestation special channel both on [...]

Livestation supports CNN IBN to broadcast coverage of the Mumbai stand-off

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Livestation, the destination for high quality live TV and radio online, has stepped in to support the Indian news channel, CNN IBN, cope with the sudden global demand for live streaming as the crisis in Mumbai unfolds.

The CNN IBN website has been hit by increased traffic with people eager [...]

Online TV viewers impact election night coverage via Livestation

On election night, as many international broadcasters staged 12-hour US election specials, Al Jazeera English reached a new dimension in TV broadcasting by pioneering the use of instant, live chat as an integral part of the channels live output.

The channel was being streamed over broadband via Livestation, the destination for live broadcasting online.

At one point, [...]

Livestation, a novel way to interactively watch live TV

I spent last night watching the US Election live. This is something I almost never do. No, not watching elections… watching live TV. In this era of DVR only my mother in law still watch live TV anymore… right?

But since I started using Livestation I have discovered that watching live TV make sense [...]

Grab your broadband ringside seat to the US Election with Livestation

As the race for the White House reaches its climax, Livestation is offering a unique, interactive experience. With some of the best global news channels available in one place, Livestation viewers can benefit from a wide choice of coverage, multiple perspectives and the chance to use the Livestation chat functionality to influence how live, on-air [...]