Joost popularity sliding, Hulu’s keep rising

May 24, 2021

If Google search trend is a good indicator of Web TV provider popularity then Joost has been steadily loosing internet users attention and is now at an all time low.

On the opposite side Hulu is steadily gaining more attention from internet users. So much so that it is now getting daily search levels higher to what was seen on the Hulu official launch day. Read more

Hulu lands new partners as usages rises

May 20, 2021

Hulu videos will now be distributed on entertainment and social network sites,,,,, and, said Hulu Chief Executive Jason Kilar at the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit.

In April, users watched 63.2 million videos on Hulu and its partners’ sites and its viewers spent on average viewing 129.3 minutes per month, beating nearest rival Walt Disney Co’s, where users watched 60.8 million videos and spent an average of 57.3 minutes, according to Nielsen. Read more

Hulu video site goes live tomorrow

March 11, 2021

News Corp. and NBC Universal’s online vid service Hulu is set to tear off the wrapping paper Wednesday, officially launching with content from several new partners, including Warner Bros. TV Group and Lionsgate.

That quadruples the previous amount of content offered, said Hulu CEO Jason Kilar, although the site has yet to seal deals with several more producers — most notably, Disney/ABC, CBS and “American Idol” producers FremantleMedia and 19 Entertainment.

Hulu already offers programs such as “The Office,” “The Simpsons” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

“People will be very surprised at the content being made available on a free, ad-supported basis,” Kilar said.

Besides parent concerns News Corp. and NBC U, charter Hulu program suppliers have included MGM and Sony Pictures TV.

“The response from users has been extremely dramatic,” Kilar said. Meanwhile, Hulu said all its beta advertisers have agreed to renew their deals with the site. Hulu advertisers include Unilever, State Farm, Best Buy, DirecTV and Nissan.

As part of the launch, Hulu will introduce two advertising formats. Company also shares ad revenue with program suppliers on a show-by-show basis. Hulu provides ad sales in most cases, but the content providers on some shows sell their own spots.

On the programming front, Hulu will offer movies unedited for content; users will have to register and verify their age before watching movies rated PG-13 or above.

Kilar said he expects to continue to grow the Hulu library without phasing out current titles. Sci-fi programming rules the roost at Hulu, although popular programming on the site varies dramatically. Hulu’s heavy reliance on library content remains its biggest limitation.


HULU CEO Jason Kilar To Deliver Keynote Speech At NAB Show

February 20, 2021

Jason Kilar, CEO of Hulu, an online video joint venture between NBC Universal and News Corp, will present a keynote address at the NAB Show in Las Vegas on Wednesday April 16, 2008.

Kilar will discuss the trends and technologies that are enticing content providers to distribute and deliver content as never before.

Hulu is a free online video service that streams premium television shows, movies and clips. Via the destination site, distribution partner sites and embeddable video players, Hulu enables extensive distribution online. Since its beta launch in October 2007, Hulu has won praise for its high-quality consumer experience, particularly its lineup of premium content and well-designed user interface.

Jason Kilar joined Hulu after nearly a decade at where he served as senior vice president, Worldwide Application Software, reporting directly to CEO Jeff Bezos. During his career at Amazon, Kilar served as vice president and general manager of Amazon’s North American media businesses, leading the company’s entry into the video and DVD markets. Kilar began his career with The Walt Disney Company, where he worked for Disney Design & Development.

Kilar joins Lost executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, CSI creator Anthony Zuiker, Pushing Daisies director and executive producer Barry Sonnenfeld, Six Flags President and CEO Mark Shapiro, and best-selling author Alvin Toffler as featured speakers during this year’s NAB Show.


Television Networks to Put More Shows Online

February 2, 2021

FOX Television Master ControlNearly 330 production companies showed off television shows and movies here at the National Association of Television Program Executives conference this week, hoping to sell the syndication rights to local stations in the United States and abroad.

This year at the biggest conference in syndication — where local affiliate stations fill their shopping carts with enough content to keep their schedules lively — the hottest topic was online syndication. In this emerging part of the market, stations buy syndicated programs to show on their Web sites, and they sell advertisements with those programs to local businesses.

As broadcast growth flattens, local stations are increasingly looking to their Web sites for new sources of revenue. Some stations are creating original programming for the Web, but it is far easier for them to purchase the online rights to syndicated shows. This week, for instance, 200 television station Web sites introduced “Big Shot Live,” a national online talent competition promoted through “Entertainment Tonight.”

Online services like Hulu, and Joost as well as the networks themselves, most notably ABC (which offers content in HD), are evidence that this is one trend that’s not likely to fad away.

For the professional voice talent, commercials still need to be produced, however the SAG, AFTRA and ACTRA have yet to put in place union rates that adequately cover what is in effect national commercials, only played online versus traditional broadcast television.

The success or failure of stations’ online ventures will ultimately rest on their promotional abilities. Viewers of local TV are often reminded to go online for weather and traffic updates, but often they go to the site of their local newspaper instead. And when they want to see television shows online, they gravitate toward the networks’ Web sites.

Source:  voiceovertimes

Paul Yanez Create the Hulu Media Player

February 1, 2021

Hulu Media Player

Hulu may have an amazing selection of videos from Fox and NBC available for streaming on the web. But there are at least two problems with the service right now:

  1. Hulu is in private beta, meaning you can only access videos if you have an account or if someone’s been kind enough to embed the video player on their site.
  2. You have to search through videos using a mouse and keyboard as if you were looking up directions, not using an on-screen program guide like you would with a TV.

Hulu Media Player attempts to deal with both of those problems. Paul Yanez, the guy who brought us a browser-based Joost clone, plus an Apple-TV inspired video player for all sorts of web video content.

Hulu Media Player is still a little rough around the edges. For example, we found that we would occasionally click on one episode of a TV show only to have a different one start playing. And once you’re watching a video, there’s no way to go back to the list of episodes for that particular TV show. Instead, you have to click the “show guide” button which takes you back to the main menu. And it’d be nice if you could control the player using your keyboard instead of a mouse. But it’s still a pretty neat twist on Hulu.

While you don’t need a Hulu beta account to access Hulu Media Player, only a small portion of the Hulu library is available for viewing right now.

Source: downloadsquad

NBC choosing Microsoft Silverlight as exclusive online video platform

January 6, 2022

During CES 2008 keynotes Bill Gates said that:

“I’m pleased to announce today we’ve found a perfect partner to showcase Silverlight: NBC has chosen Microsoft as its exclusive video partner for online video footage. We’ll make it all available live and on demand.”

It is not clear if this will apply to or strictly to the NBC web site content. Hulu has been using flash as it’s video platform. Moving to Silverlight would be a major blow to Adobe.

This might apply to the NBCOlympics web site only… but wait… I just checked and the web site still is HTML and Flash… so no Silverlight there yet.


OK, apparently the partnership is limited to the Olympics site… not everything NBC has.

Hulu going out of beta this week… maybe

January 6, 2022

If one was to believe this post then one might say that Hulu is going live this week:

If officially launches from its private-beta state this week, you can say you heard about it from me first. It’s only the first day of CES, and I already remember what I love about it: the dish.

Here’s what happened. I was in line at Starbucks this morning, bright and early, and this nice man started chatting me up. Turned out he was from NBC Universal, but the actual television side and not the technology side (so while he’d heard of CNET, he probably didn’t know I was mentally blogging our whole convo). So, we’re talking about the future of television and how grim things are for traditional TV, and he tells me that the folks at NBC got an “internal e-mail” a few days ago about how, probably this week, they’ll be releasing “this thing called Hulu.” Me: “Oh, really? Interesting!”

So, my apologies to you, anonymous Starbucks line guy, and I hope I don’t get you in trouble with any of the folks at NBC, but you made my CES day.


Veoh embraces Hulu

January 4, 2022

Internet TV company Veoh has added shows such as The Office and House to its line-up after including content from NBC Universal/News Corp joint venture Hulu.

Veoh, which is backed by former Disney chief Michael Eisner and ex-Viacom president Tom Freston, has taken the step despite not having an official distribution agreement with Hulu.

The NBCU/News Corp online video service is still in restricted beta testing in the US, offering ad-supported programming from the pair’s studio arms plus third parties, including MGM and Sony Pictures Television.

Hulu has distribution deals in place with the likes of AOL, MSN, MySpace, Yahoo! and Comcast’s Veoh’s model is rather different to these sites, however, and shuns traditional licensing agreements.

The company instead positions itself as a pure aggregator of already available online video. This approach prompted Universal Music Group to sue Veoh in September last year, a case that’s still pending.

Source C21Media

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December 20, 2021

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