HP getting in the P2P TV game

September 6, 2021

Hewlett Packard has announced a deal to ship a P2P IPTV system with their notbooks (notably the Presario and Pavillion models) beginning in late September. The system is called Next.tv and powered by Dave Networks, a white label IPTV provider. For the launch, Next.tv will feature content from CBS, Freemantle, and Endemol. Their sneak preview also includes MGM, eye.tv, Lazy.tv, and Reality.tv as well. Next.TV has plans for a desktop version for non HP users as well.

Rex Wong, the former CEO of Applied Semantics (later Google Adsense), is the CEO of Dave Networks. Wong previously expressed a desire to do for video what AdSense did for text. Joost, Babelgum, Veoh, British Telecom, Zattoo, and Vuze are amongst the competition.

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Off The Fence And Bablegum Announce Distribution Deal

July 19, 2021

Leading independent production and distribution company Off the Fence and Babelgum, the new generation global Internet TV network, has announced an important distribution deal for around 200 hours of non-fiction programming.

The content licensing deal, brokered by Off the Fence Head of Distribution Erik Schuit and Babelgum includes a diverse range of programming including travel, natural history, science and health, as well as outstanding series such as 21st Century Garden Art and Wild Asia and award-winning films such as Europe’s Secret Earthquakes and Crown of Thorns Starfish.

Babelgum’s innovative peer-to-peer (P2P) streaming technology delivers high resolution and immersive television to create a global personal media platform available to anyone with a PC and broadband Internet connection. Film makers such as Spike Lee have used Babelgum as an exclusive showcase, a recent example being Lee’s film ‘Jesus Children of America’. Among its other content partners are 3DD, Associated Press, Entertainment Rights, Gong Anime, IMG, ITN, Ministry of Sound TV, Reuters, Shine Limited and Zed.

Ellen Windemuth, Managing Director, Off the Fence, commented: “This is an exciting deal for Off the Fence, and reinforces our commitment to ‘direct-to-consumer’ business via new media platforms. Our high quality, innovative programming has the kind of integrity that the Babelgum viewer is seeking. We are delighted to take our films to the global broadband audience with them.”

Valerio Zingarelli, CEO, Babelgum added: “Babelgum is a new way of conceiving television, a free on-demand TV over the Internet that lets you watch content that may not have been previously available on traditional TV. Off the Fence helps Babelgum provide quality niche content to our customers meaning they can choose what they watch and when they watch it. Off the Fence has the type of factual programming the discerning consumer wants to be able to access at their leisure.”

For further information: www.offthefence and www.babelgum.com

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Babelgum Links With Giffoni Film Festival Channel

July 19, 2021

Babelgum has announced the launch of an entire channel dedicated to the Giffoni Film Festival, the largest film festival in Europe for the younger generation, now in its 37th year. Babelgum customers not able to attend the festival in Italy can now see the best in new talent from today’s young generation of independent producers at the same time as those attending.

The festival starts today and will be on air until July 21st on Babelgum with a selection of twelve shorts taken from the event in 2006 as well as from the current event currently taking place. The short with the highest rating will be presented with the Babelgum Award for the Giffoni Film Festival online 2007 during the evening of general awards in this year’s ceremony on July 21st at the Giffoni Village.

Babelgum users also have the opportunity to embrace their love for film as the seven greatest contributors will win VIP tickets to the final awards evening of the Rushes Soho Shorts Film Festival on August 2nd in London.

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Valerio Zingarelli Appointed CEO Of Babelgum

July 5, 2021

Former Vodafone Global Director of Networks and Service Platforms, Valerio Zingarelli, has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Babelgum.

Beyond the completion and refinement of the technical platform, Zingarelli will lead Babelgum into the next phase of launch as a new global media platform aimed at delivering targeted content to sharply profiled viewer groups everywhere in the world.

“I have known Valerio since 1995 when, as Chief Technology Officer of Omnitel, he built what is still considered by many to be the best mobile network in Europe,” added Scaglia.

From 2002 to 2005, he was Global Director of Networks and Service Platforms at Vodafone, in charge of managing all Group’s technology activities and strategy, including customer terminals.

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Apple and Google are ready for the battle of your digital life

June 20, 2021

Have you noticed how Apple and Google have been teaming recently? All the pieces of the puzzle are falling in place for both of them to conquer your digital life. Steve Jobs has pulled a “Bill Gates” on Microsoft with it’s successful partnership with Google. In case you did not know, Microsoft success was in major part due to it’s ability to partner with other company to gain more and more market share.

But Microsoft appear to have missed on the great opportunity of partnering with Google. They where blinded in engaging an enemy they just did not knew how to fight. Meanwhile Steve Jobs appear to have learned from Microsoft past success and decided that fighting Google was not the answer to the problem.

Instead, Apple decided to partner with Google. After all, Apple has always had the touch to produce great looking hardware that was easy to use and appealed to the mass. Google, on the other hand, had the data Apple needed to fuel it’s innovative applications. The wedding was celebrated on August 29. 2006 when Google CEO Dr. Eric Schmidt joined Apple’s Board of Directors.

Since then Apple and Google went on secretly developing applications that would run on both the iPhone and Apple TV.

The iPhone got an integrated Google search, Google Maps, Google mail and the recently announced YouTube video application.

The Apple TV got it’s 1st interactive application as the YouTube video option in the update release on June 20, 2007.

Playback of YouTube video on both the iPhone and Apple TV became possible when Google decided to change it’s choice of Flash Video codec for YouTube to the more standard h.264 codec supported by the Apple hardware. This is clearly just the beginning of a great relationship. It is likely that more Apple/Google applications will emerge in the months to come… and not just for the iPhone and Apple TV.

One could easily speculate that the next OS upgrade of Apple will include more and more Google integration. This could come in the form of YouTube video integration in the new OS X Leopard Front Row application. In fact Leopard Front Row has become similar in features to the Apple TV.

If you think of it, Apple and Google are most likely getting ready to conquer you Living Room, Office, Bedroom, Loft, etc. All that is needed now is for Google to announce content partnership with major networks. Once Google has the content Apple will provide the interface that everyone will love to use. Throw in the mix a few in-line ads and you get the perfect platform for video on demand distribution.

Joost, Babelgum and others better watch out. The day Google announce major content partners for YouTube the race for the living room will be over. At the end it will come down to who can better provide the best content to the users in a pleasing to use package. Both better start working on improved hardware platform with proper interface that can be easily used with a remote control from a couch. Neither have this at this point… but Apple and Google already have their foot in the door… and the opening is getting wider and wider day after day.

The latest move of Apple in the Windows browser space is most likely part of the plan. Safari for Windows gives Apple the control they need on the environment to better display and play YouTube content… and content is king, especially in the digital space.

What else might you expect from the Apple/Google partnership? A secret feature for the iPhone that will allow direct video capture in h.264 and upload to YouTube. All your YouTube followers can then watch your video almost instantly… And when you come back home you can watch it on you PC, Mac, Video iPod or TV (via the Apple TV). This would certainly be a big ticket item for all the youth out there.

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VeohTV challenging Joost and Babelgum

June 20, 2021

Dmitry Shapiro is tired of hearing about Joost, the peer-to-peer Internet TV service launched by the founders of Skype. “Joost is your old man’s TV,” sneers Shapiro, the CEO of competing Web video service Veoh.

By that, he means that Joost is merely replicating the cable and satellite TV model using the Internet as the new pipes. He calls his competing offering Veoh TV, and is launching it later this week in a limited, invite-only beta that will become more widely available to the general public later this year. Veoh TV is backed by $40 million in funding.

VeohTV turns the hodgepodge of video on the Web into something that looks remarkably like TV by gathering all of it into a remote-controllable experience you can watch from ten feet away. You can search for and subscribe to shows and then save many of those video streams as downloads to watch later.VeohTV is free software that lets you watch and record Internet video from thousands of video sources. Watch full-length episodes from ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, YouTube, MySpace, Google, Yahoo, and thousands of others.

Finding something to watch is easy, simply use the TV-style guide, or search via keywords. You can even use a remove control. As you use VeohTV, it learns what you like and automatically recommends videos to you.

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MyTVPAL.com, Yet another TV over the web provider

June 15, 2021

In the age of Internet TV the battle over eyeballs will be won by the service provider who can provide a wide variety of content with high video quality that plays instantly over low bandwidth over both PC and TV.

With MyTVPAL.COM you can view over 1000 + free live TV channels and thousands of video on demand movies, documentaries, extreme sports, Travel, and IMAX 15/70 formatted titles, in DVD and High Definition streaming instantly on their PC via PC Player and TV via set top box. MyTVPAL streams instantly over any 1.5mbps or better connections.

Unlike other content service providers such as XBOX, Apple TV, Cinema Now, Movielink, Babelgum, Joost, and other PC and set top box video on demand service providers that offer a slow download and / or unstable P2P only solution’s with sub DVD picture quality, and no live TV channels.

MyTVPAL.COM offers both live TV channels and video on demand content that instantly streams from DVD quality up 1080p high definition over 1.5mbps and up.

In terms of service provider offering MyTVPAL.COM believes that users should have the choice to view content via pay per view or no charge through user targeted advertising.

MyTVPAL.com only support Windows PC clients right now. It is not know if a Mac client is in the work or not. Right now Joost is one of the few native solution for Mac users. Babelgum is said to work on a Mac version of their client at the time of this writing.

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Chime.tv, an alternative to Joost and Babelgum

June 14, 2021

Chime.Tv’s video player has got the kind of flash and style Ruby developers would envy, especially since it’s programmed in PHP and AJAX. The player, which dishes out 22 themed channels of viral video content, with a bunch of added utilities. Like the IPTV guys, you can flip through pre-made channels, roll your own, or search for content by keyword. The full page player is similar to Joost and Babelgum, but in your browser.

If you want to create the “bikini” channel, all you have to do is search for “bikini” in the search bar and Chime will start playing through all the results. The player can play in full screen mode, wide screen, or anywhere in between by dragging the corner of the video. It also comes with some color controls for brightness, contrast, and color in case the original quality is less than stellar.

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Babelgum founder interview

June 13, 2021

For an Italian billionaire many times over, Silvio Scaglia seems and sounds very humble.  Before founding Fastweb in 1999, Scaglia was CEO of Italian operator Omnitel, now Vodafone Italy.  His new venture is Babelgum, a full-screen, high-res online video service which will always be compared to Joost, even though the two started around the same time, though Joost has a headstart and much more content on it for now.

He is investing a big chunk of his personal money, as an indication of his commitment to this, and that’s the only money he is taking for now, he says. A wide ranging interview on his views on online video space; the IPTV market in Europe and how he views IPTV efforts from AT&T and Verizon here; IPTV versus online TV; difference between Babelgum and Joost; his view on how content players are easing up on distributing content; the technology for high-red video online as it stands now; and others topics.

The audio interview can be found here.

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How do Babelgum and Joost compare

June 10, 2021


Babelgum, the new Internet TV provider set to compete with Joost, just opened up to a wide beta. How does it stack up against the incumbent? Babelgum is bankrolled by Silvio Scaglia, champion of fiber-to-the-home in Italy. Meanwhile Joost is founded by Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström, of Skype and KaZaA fame. Both companies have people experienced with delivering a product with mass appeal.

Currently Babelgum lacks a Mac offering but it’s rumored that one will be delivered soon.


Babelgum users are presented with 9 different channels, or groups, of content including News, Lifestyle, Music, Documentaries and Trends. Babelgum is actively looking for new partners and should have had a bit more of an offering before opening up their service. It’s said that Babelgum is looking for Long Tail viewers, but frankly I think that YouTube and other services may have that market cornered.

Joost apparently can’t go two weeks without announcing another high profile content partner. There certainly is a lot to look at. Babelgum aims to be as unintrusive as possible with tiny simplified controls. Babelgum lets you create custom “smart channels” using tags applied to the videos. The interface isn’t going to wow you, but it gets the job done.

Joost likes bright colors and a featureful interface that can sometimes be a bit overwhelming with everything on the screen. The search capability of Joost is quite prominent and makes it easy to find new content or save the search as a new channel in your “My Channels” view. It’s also a lot easier to move through the content in Joost at the expense of a cluttered screen. Once you get familiar with all the widgets and controls the Joost interface is smooth and polished with lots of little animated effects that enhance the TV watching experience.

Social Features and Extensibility

You’re not alone on the Internet but with Babelgum you feel that way. With Joost there’s the “My Joost” section that lets you chat with other people watching the same channel, instant message others, send a link to the show you’re watching, view ratings and blog about the show (with screenshots) all from within Joost. It’s not an open platform but they clearly understand the importance of a community.

Technical Features

Both Joost and Babelgum deliver pretty good video quality since they require a broadband connection. It may just be the generally higher production quality but videos on Joost tend to look better. Joost also requires a much beefier computer than Babelgum. Keeping Joost open in windowed (non-full screen) mode caused some stuttering with multiple applications open. Both applications are in beta so there’s still a lot of testing to be done but Babelgum was rock solid throughout. Many internet service providers aren’t too thrilled about streaming video so be advised.


If either content or communication is king then Joost has Babelgum beat for now. Babelgum is still a good product but it needs to become remarkably more social or add some “must have” content quickly. Even so these two services are getting a lot of attention and competition is good so give them both a try.

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