Possible Apple iPad picture

This might be one of the iPad prototype?

Look like iPhone: Check
Has a home button: Check
Look to be 10″ diagonal: Check

NetbookInstaller Plans for 0.8.4

In a recent post Meklort stated that he will focus on simplifying the installation experience even more for the 0.8.4 release. his main goal is to make NetbookBootMaker supported on multiple platforms (or a version of it for each).

Many users on the MyDellMini forum have installed using Mechdrew’s NetbookCD and related guides. At the moment, [...]

New LiveStation 3.0 release

Image via CrunchBase

After 8 months of hard work since the last release, I am glad to announce the launch of Livestation version 3.0, the latest desktop software for watching live news channels on your computer.

The latest release, available to download free of charge here, includes new functionality which we haven’t seen anywhere else.

Tweet what you [...]

PhotoSketch: better than sliced bread, Photoshop | The Web Life | ZDNet.com

This is really cool new technology.

What if you could draw some stick figures on a screen and somehow magically create a beautiful image montage?

Well, it’s possible.

A group of students in China have created PhotoSketch, a project that does exactly what I just described: it takes a rough, hand-drawn sketch, scours the web for photos that [...]

How OLED Displays work using a Glowing Pickle

Vladimir Bulovic a Electrical Engineering & Computer from Mit are showing a interesting video how OLED Displays work with using a glowing pickle.

OLEDs are nothing more than an electrically active organic material sandwiched between an anode (a electron-expelling electrode) and a cathode (an electron-receiving electrode). When an electric current runs through the system, the anode [...]

Multi-camera rig makes trees say cheese – Hack a Day

[Nick Nichols] set out to take a photograph of a full redwood tree. Here’s the catch, these redwoods are over 300 feet tall and they’re not just standing in the middle of a vast desert. If the photo is taken from a distance, you will only capture the top part of these majestic [...]

Pre faltering, Palm laying off employees?

When your smartphone drops from $249 to $79 over a summer, you have to wonder what’s going on. Two rumors are circulating this AM, one that Palm is laying off folks, perhaps in the Windows Mobile team.

The estimated sales for the Pre topped out at 375,000 at the end of August and they went from [...]

Honda unveils ‘Segway-style’ unicycle that travels in any direction you want | Mail Online

It may look a little precarious and uncomfortable to ride, but Honda believe their new ‘personal mobility‘ device could one day be zipping up and down our streets.

The vehicle looks like a very modern unicycle and to ride it you simply lean your weight in the direction you want to go, whether that’s forward, backwards [...]

Google Has A Solution For Internet Explorer: Turn It Into Chrome

People hate IE6; they’ve made that abundantly clear on the web. Unfortunately, plenty of people are still stuck using it for reasons such as their work not letting them upgrade. So Google is doing something about it.

Chrome Frame is a new browser plug-in developed by Google to give you a Chrome browsing experience inside of [...]

Livestation app store to watch the Europa League matches shown live

Image via CrunchBase

Livestation have released an app on the App Store a few days ago in partnership with Five and UEFA to allow purchasers to watch the Europa League matches shown live on Five in the UK on their iPhone/iPod touch devices.

The app retails for a one-off fee of £3.99 and it will give access [...]