MySpace get BBC Video channel

January 24, 2021

MySpace recently added a new BBC video channels. For now only short videos are sported. Here is an example:

Walking With Beasts: Neanderthal vs Wooly Rhino

The videos are also embeddable:

Walking With Beasts: Neanderthal vs Wooly Rhino

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Akamai Unveils Unique View Of The High-Definition Internet

October 30, 2021

Akamai Technologies has announced The HDWeb, a ‘proof-of-concept’ portal designed to showcase the experience consumers can have with high definition content online. The Website, available at, showcases content from a variety of industries including music, movies, professional sports, games and news.

Akamai customers are now delivering a consistent, high-definition video experience on Akamai’s uniquely distributed edge delivery platform that is specifically tuned for optimal delivery of high-definition (HD) files online.

As an industry leader and pioneer in online video, Akamai has raised the bar for what a service provider must offer companies in order to deliver this content effectively and efficiently online today.

Companies providing HD content for the initiative include Apple, BBC Motion Gallery, CBS, Gannett, MTV Networks, NBA and more.

Bringing together broadband ISPs, content providers, technology providers and consumer electronics manufacturers, this groundbreaking initiative is designed to build the framework to galvanize the industry around thepotential of HD online.


BBC teaming with Adobe to make iPLayer available to Linux and Mac

October 16, 2021

The BBC and Adobe have announced a strategic relationship around the delivery of Web video.

By adopting Adobe Flash Player software, the BBC will make its free catch-up TV service — BBC iPlayer —available as a streaming service across Macintosh and Linux, as well as Windows, by the end of the year.

The strategic relationship will also allow the BBC to provide a single consistent user experience for the majority of streamed video and audio content on .

The BBC iPlayer on-demand streaming service will complement the download service currently available. This non-exclusive relationship is part of the BBC’s strategy to reinvent , to ensure all its rich-media content is accessible to the widest audience possible.

Erik Huggers, BBC future media and technology group controller said, “I’m delighted to announce this strategic relationship with Adobe. With more control over playback, interactivity and branding, the move to Flash Player compatible video will help the BBC to engage audiences by delivering a seamless, instant-on Web video experience.”

All procurement of software, hardware and services will follow the BBC’s usual procurement practice.

BBC iPlayer is only available to UK audiences and cannot be accessed outside the country.

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Newteevee: The BBC’s Distributed DVR Heaven

April 8, 2021

Summary of post from source:

Imagine a digital video recorder that offers you a few terabytes of hard disk space, automatically recording thousands of shows. Now imagine the same DVR connected to a P2P network of like-minded recording devices, giving you access to virtually any show on television and in turn making The Pirate Bay look like a Blockbuster with empty shelves.

…Loosemore spends most of his time future-proofing the BBC’s many web properties, but a few hours of his work week are reserved for creative tinkering.

…The dictate of programming forces us to overlook tons of good shows, and the absence of an accessible archive makes most of them disappear forever.

…The BBC tried exactly that with its Creative Archive that was supposed to make large parts of the broadcaster’s back catalog available for download and creative reuse.

…A first prototype was developed in cooperation with a company called Promise Ltd. and allowed to simultaneously record 12 channels of Freeview digital video broadcast on 3.2 TB of hard disk memory, giving its users access to every show that aired during the last seven days.

…The device allowed him to literally change channels in the past, flipping from one 8 p.m. recording to the next three hours later, every so often making him lose track of time completely and then stare at the clock in disbelief in the middle of the night.

Then some of the watermarked recordings started appearing online and the BBC shut down the internal test…. This time he wants to have the box record programs from only one channel 24/7 for three entire months.

…His experiments also don’t have any direct impact on other online licensing and distribution deals of the broadcaster, many of which involve digital rights management.