CBS and Viacom thinking of buying Joost?

May 23, 2021

This is one crazy rumor (or maybe not that crazy)… so take it for what it is worth, entertainment value: is speculating that CBS and Viacom might be interested in buying Joost:

- CBS and Viacom launching a joint venture to counter
- using Joost
- and rebranding it all under the moniker.

The blog post is a little hard to read but go ahead and be your own judge.


Reuters are now picking on the story:

Adobe Media Player: Joost done right

April 10, 2021

OK, I am sure I will ear about this one but I will write it any way.

Today I decided to install Adobe Media Player on my Mac.  The install was rather painless.  It required the installation of Adobe Air before the actual Media Player installation.

Once everything is installed and you agree to the terms of reference you are granted with a nicelly done Media Player Client.  The client is visually appeling to the eye and use a similar color scheme as Joost.  The actual layout of the media player is rather similar too… but there is only so many way to crack an egg.

My 1st surprise was to find some CBS content that will actually play in Canada.  Exactly!  Finally some US content that will play up north.  I was able to start a full episode of CSI NewYork. I can watch big US productions on Adobe Media Player that won’t play in Joost… So I won’t need to use BT anymore to watch those!  This is great news!

The video quality of the episodes is actually amazing.  Much better than Joost actually.  And I have yet to see any stuttering.  This is the kind of quality and content that I have been waiting for with Joost but never got to see.

Another nice feature of the player is it’s “browser” like navigation that also act like a file folder browser.  It has a nice “navigation bar” at the top that behave similar to your typical “browser” toolbar.  It has a nice “home button”, “back” button, etc.

The left section of the screen present “channels” style link with a nice scroll bar that is actually usable.  Joost never delivered usable scrollbars in it’s client. Adobe MP also sport an interface that also feel “snappy”.  Joost feel slugish at times, where Adobe always feel like things are reacting right away. You really have to try both to understand.

This player is somewhat what I described Joost should be a couple of months ago.   Too bad they are taking so long to come up with a decent web version of the client.  Adobe certainly took the lead here.  Great player, great content, great video quality.

Joost, can you do better than Apple?  And please, bring some good US content to Canada!  Apparently Adobe is able to do it… unless it was an oversight that will be closed shortly…  I have sent a question to Adobe PR (Russell Brady) about this.  Hopefully I will receive an answer soon and will update this port with more details.

CBS goes live streaming on Joost today

March 12, 2021

Joost will make live-streaming video available to all its users tomorrow; it has also scored a deal with its investor CBS to live stream March Madness. A new client should be ready for download by about noon ET on Wednesday, the company told NewTeeVee today.

The first public live broadcast is on Thursday at 2 p.m. ET; it will be a video chat with the Joost technical team to give the software a run-through. From next Thursday, when the first round of the NCAA basketball championships starts, every game in the series will be shown live and commercial-free update: Joost got back to us and said they were mistaken; the broadcast will actually have CBS’ in-stream ads, but no additional ads. And expats and fans from abroad should be pleased: There will be no geographic restrictions imposed on the content.

This is only a test, warns Joost, which has had reliability problems in the past. “If you’re a sports junkie with money on the game you may not want to depend on us for the last 2 minutes of the game,” said Joost VP of engineering Matt Zelesko, who replaced fired CTO Dirk-Willem van Gulik. “We expect it will probably break.”

The company can’t simulate how things will work until it has a lot of users pushing video through the peer-to-peer network, Zelesko explained. “To evaluate how it scales we need to open this up to more public audiences.” Joost has been downloaded some 5 million times; Zelesko said he’s hoping tens of thousands of users will show up to bang on the new live P2P infrastructure.

Joost has been quietly testing live streaming over the past few weeks. Zelesko said that in early tests, video is delayed by under a second, which is pretty awesome compared to what you’ll get from other live video services (I did an interview on Ustream yesterday, for example, that was delayed a full 30 seconds).

Although the cost of such a project is going to be significant, Zelesko said that this spring’s March Madness will not include any advertising that nets revenue for Joost. When we asked about the advantage of using Joost’s client approach vs. streaming through the web (something Joost hasn’t done yet but has said it may), Zelesko said, “I wouldn’t rule out other ways of watching Joost content in the future, but for now it’s the client.”

Live streaming is becoming a necessity for every online video offering — which is somewhat ironic, considering we’ve all just been through the TiVo revolution. But for sports especially, live just makes sense. YouTube has said it will be the next to jump in.

Source: NewTeeVee

CBS: Joost not dead in the water

March 6, 2021

CBS Interactive president Quincy Smith, whose CBS Audience Network of online video sites includes a partnership with Joost, isn’t one of them.Speaking to a small gathering of tech and media reporters at CBS’ New York headquarters Thursday, Smith gave a firm “no” when asked if Joost-which requires a software download and has slipped from the Web video radar since its buzzworthy debut-was dead in the water. “(Mike) Volpe knows what he’s doing,” Smith said of the Cisco Systems veteran who serves as the start-up’s CEO. “It’s got a good team.”

Smith did add that he thinks Joost should be Web-based, not a download.


MySpace get BBC Video channel

January 24, 2021

MySpace recently added a new BBC video channels. For now only short videos are sported. Here is an example:

Walking With Beasts: Neanderthal vs Wooly Rhino

The videos are also embeddable:

Walking With Beasts: Neanderthal vs Wooly Rhino

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NBC choosing Microsoft Silverlight as exclusive online video platform

January 6, 2022

During CES 2008 keynotes Bill Gates said that:

“I’m pleased to announce today we’ve found a perfect partner to showcase Silverlight: NBC has chosen Microsoft as its exclusive video partner for online video footage. We’ll make it all available live and on demand.”

It is not clear if this will apply to or strictly to the NBC web site content. Hulu has been using flash as it’s video platform. Moving to Silverlight would be a major blow to Adobe.

This might apply to the NBCOlympics web site only… but wait… I just checked and the web site still is HTML and Flash… so no Silverlight there yet.


OK, apparently the partnership is limited to the Olympics site… not everything NBC has.

British TV Rivals Team Up For Joint Online TV On-Demand Service

November 27, 2021

TechCrunch report:

British TV networks the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 will launch a new joint online TV on-demand service that will provide a one-stop shop of content from all channels.

Shows available will include locally produced content and possibly US and other non-British content as well. Like existing online offerings from the networks it is presumed that the service will be available to residents of the United Kingdom and Northern Island only.

The BBC has had ongoing problems with its iPlayer service which faced delays and budgets blowouts, then came under attack for being available to Windows users only.

Akamai Unveils Unique View Of The High-Definition Internet

October 30, 2021

Akamai Technologies has announced The HDWeb, a ‘proof-of-concept’ portal designed to showcase the experience consumers can have with high definition content online. The Website, available at, showcases content from a variety of industries including music, movies, professional sports, games and news.

Akamai customers are now delivering a consistent, high-definition video experience on Akamai’s uniquely distributed edge delivery platform that is specifically tuned for optimal delivery of high-definition (HD) files online.

As an industry leader and pioneer in online video, Akamai has raised the bar for what a service provider must offer companies in order to deliver this content effectively and efficiently online today.

Companies providing HD content for the initiative include Apple, BBC Motion Gallery, CBS, Gannett, MTV Networks, NBA and more.

Bringing together broadband ISPs, content providers, technology providers and consumer electronics manufacturers, this groundbreaking initiative is designed to build the framework to galvanize the industry around thepotential of HD online.


NBC Pull YouTube Content in Preparation for Hulu

October 22, 2021

A representative from NBC Universal called NewTeeVee today and let them know that the network did indeed remove its channel from YouTube over the weekend in preparation for the launch of its own online video portal, Hulu. The spokesperson also de-emphasized the YouTube channel, calling it “promotional.”

Read the rest on NewTeeVee

Viacom offering Daily Show clips online

October 18, 2021

In the ongoing quest to make Internet popularity pay, Viacom’s Comedy Central channel today will unveil a website for “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” that’s designed to satisfy the most avid fans of the mock-news show with oceans of free video clips.

Rather than providing just a sampling of the program’s fare, as Viacom and other TV networks have done for years, Comedy Central is offering the works: about 13,000 video clips representing every minute of the show since its 1999 inception.

Today’s launch is a competitive response to YouTube. Google Inc.’s hit video-sharing site stirred Viacom’s ire — and a $1-billion copyright-infringement suit — by allegedly allowing users to post clips of “The Daily Show,” “South Park,” “The Colbert Report” and other popular Viacom shows without permission or compensation.

Using new software, YouTube said, it can then automatically remove clips as users post them.

A particular challenge for Comedy Central was designing ads for the site that would satisfy advertisers without turning off viewers, said Erik Flannigan, executive vice president for digital media at MTV Networks, the Viacom unit that includes Comedy Central.

Source: LATimes

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