Joost beta 1.0 released! Now with new UI!

September 27, 2021

Guess what just quietly showed up! Yes, the shiny new Joost beta client 1.0 for Mac and Windows:

As you can see below the UI has been updated to a new dark gray transparent theme. This new UI was previously reported here as the “spoon” UI. I am pleased to see that it is now present throughout the most part of the client interface.

Joost now offer a completely re-designed Channel Guide called “Explore”.

By clicking on the categories listed on the left you will be presented a nicely animated list of channels corresponding to your selection. The interface is visually much better than the previous one… but I have yet to figure out how to do basic tasks I had no problem doing before.

For example, I can’t seem to be able to delete channels from “My Channels”… and I have not found how to add new channels to “My Channels” yet. It is almost as if the interface is 75% done and is lacking 25% of it’s functionality.

I also noticed some UI left overs from the previous release… like the “Coming Up” notice shown below. Compare the old black UI look alongside the new gray one:

Or the help screen shown when clicking the “?” in the bottom panel:

But I will take the new UI over the old one any day… even with the current issues.

Go download Joost Beta 1.0 here!

Nice work Joost!

P.S.: Get your beta invitation at: <no more needed> if you need one! Direct from Joost!

Update Oct 1 2007:

Took the invitation link down.  Joost is now available to all and no longer requires invitation!

Boring weekend in Joost IRC channel

September 23, 2021

Since the announcement of OnTheToob acquisition by Joost a cold wind has been blowing on the “not so secret” Joost IRC channel (do some Googling to track it down). Many Joost developers are hanging in it and are chatting about various subjects.

Recently things got really quiet. Some would say that development get this quiet before major releases. If the level of “quietness” is proportional to the level of “change” in the next client release then one might say that it will be huge.

At the same time you might have noticed the large quantity of new content showing in the Joost database. There has also been more activity going on it the Joost blog with multiple posts per week… Joost also did some minor adjustments to it’s content search result page. So work is going on behind the scene… it is just not echoing as it use to in IRC.

I do not have much to report as far as Joost news today… but keep an ear on possible chatter between the team at IOSpirit (Remote Buddy) and Joost. As you might have noticed I found this nice gem of AJAX based remote control interface in the Remote Buddy beta software. This does some of what I had described in previous post regarding using an iPhone/iPod Touch as a super remote control (search my previous post).

I sincerely hope that something nice come out of this. If Remote Buddy was Windows compatible I would say that Joost should acquire them to kickstart the development of the Joost iPhone/iPod Touch remote control interface.

So that is it. I have no idea when the next major release of Joost client will be… but I am sure looking for it.

LiveStation beta client just got released

September 7, 2021

There is a patch release out for the single channel trial – version This release fixes a few nasty timing and start up related bugs that were causing some people problems. It’s probably the last single channel release.

LiveStation are testing the multi-channel player now, and looking to bring it out of testing soon. It apparently looks and works great but we will have to wait a little while longer to see for ourselves.

LiveStation are at IBC hanging around the Microsoft stand giving demo’s of the new work, so if you’re in Amsterdam this weekend go and look!

[Source LiveStation blog]

Joost beta client version 0.12.0 has been seeded

August 27, 2021

You can now download Joost beta client 0.12.0.

The biggest change in this release is the fact that Mac users will now benefit from much smoother video playback. Until now some Mac users had issues with “jerky” video playback.

This new release has fixed the problem and video now play as smooth as the Windows version.

Outside of this there is also an interesting Widget behavior when the Joost client is put in Windowed mode. I call the effect “The Widget Chasing Game”!

Have fun testing this new client, and don’t spend too much time chasing widgets!

LiveStation 1.0.62 released to beta testers

August 1, 2021

LiveStation Logo

LiveStation just put out a new release (v 1.0.62) with many subtle and hidden changes, and one big change - the move to Silverlight RC 1.

As you may be aware, Microsoft have stopped Silverlight Beta from working, so all users must upgrade to Silverlight RC 1.0. The new LiveStation release works with this new version of Silverlight. Some users may have to restart LiveStation.

There are two ways to get the new version, via the auto update, or manual installation.

Auto update: There is an update rolling out that should update your version to the latest v 1.0.62. When you first watch LiveStation after the update, you will be prompted to download and install Silverlight RC 1.0, and restart LiveStation.

Manual installation: Viewers that have problems with the update should go to: and download the v 1.0.62 installer. This process will install Silverlight RC 1.0.

The key changes in this release include:

  • The change to use Silverlight RC 1.0. This is a breaking change as v 1.0.61 and v 1.0.62 will not work with Silverlight Beta.
  • Quality and monitoring changes to the back end, enabling us to better understand the network.
  • Over 30 bug fixes for various networking and video problems.
  • Subtle UI changes (including border and rendering changes).
  • The LiveStation window is now centred when you zoom.
  • Improved behaviour around network restart / change.
  • Better handling of the sleep/hibernate/restore cycle.
  • Different intro video.
  • Support & feedback options added to the right click menu.

LiveStation development team is working on more visible viewer features for the next version :)

Joost beta client 0.11.0 is out

July 31, 2021

Joost 0.11.0 just got released. You can use the following links to download it directly from Joost:

Mac version: Joost-FriendsEdition-0.11.0.dmg

Win version: JoostSetup-FriendsEdition-0.11.0.exe

This is apparently just a bug fix release with some internal refactoring and a few new features like a Joost Help overlay for new users and the Blog This widget.

There’s also a handy new keyboard shortcut, v (upper or lowercase works), that lets you zoom content which is 4×3 so it fills the screen in 16×9. (or the reverse)

Enjoy testing out the new client!

Joost beta 0.10.9 just got released

July 12, 2021

Just a quick post to let you know that Joost 0.10.9 just got released.  Only major change in this release is some video playback improvement.  Nothing major.

Mac version: Joost-FriendsEdition-0.10.9.dmg

Win version:  JoostSetup-FriendsEdition-0.10.9.exe

Also note that it appear that OS X 10.5 broke Joost remote control support.

Joost beta client 0.10.8 now superced version 0.10.7

June 29, 2021

The new 0.10.8 client is now available on the Joost web download site. This version fixes some unknown issues.  You can download the beta clients directly by following the following links:



Another little thing worth noting is that the Joost website no longer sport the moving colors in the header.  It was apparently too CPU intensive for some users PC/Mac.

Thank you Joost for this welcome change!

Joost beta client 0.10.7 now available

June 26, 2021

The new 0.10.7 client is now available on the web download site. This version fixes the issue with the expired client certificate:



Joost beta 0.10.4 has been released

June 8, 2021

Joost just released today version 0.10.4 of their Mac and Windows beta clients. This is mainly a bug fix release and does not appear to include any major changes.

You can grab a copy of the new client over here.

If after the upgrade you find that the application doesn’t start up, or hangs at the splashscreen and it has run in the past then it is very likely that the user profile and.or the content cache has become corrupted. The solution is to delete the Joost Application Data directory.

On the Apple Macintosh this is simply done by holding the key down when starting Joost.

On Windows enter %APPDATA% in an Explorer window address bar and then select the Joost directory and delete it.

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