Joost on the iPhone soon over 3G

December 3, 2021

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Mike Volpi told beet.TV that Joost will be available shortly on the iPhone over 3G cellular network connections.  They chose to stick to WiFi to start with to make sure the technology would work as expected over solid WiFi connections.  They will soon update the application with a version that will allow Joost video playback over 3G.

The list of supported video will be limited at first to the ones encoded with an mp4 profile suitable for the iPhone and 3G bandwidth… so don’t expect all 46,000 to be there day one.

I am glad I have a 6GB cap on my data plan via Rogers.  I might start to chew more and more on it as I watch more and more video over 3G ;-)

  • Joost Launches Video iPhone App on WiFi; 3G Capacity Coming Soon
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Joost finally goes on the iPhone

November 29, 2021

It’s about time!  I have been waiting for this moment to happen for over a year.  Back in september 2007 I was already proposing that Joost create an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Today they announce that exact thing and I must say it is pretty nice.  No need to have an account on Joost to watch the content.  Video playback start plenty fast and quality is what you got to expect from Joost as a service.

On the minus side you have the ackward interface of the  player.  Joost chose to depart from common Apple iPhone interface you might have grown used to and implemented some funky buttons to stop video playback and zoom video to full screen.  Another grip is the mute button that is a bit too close to the playback controls.  But I have to give them kudos for actually building their own player from the ground up!

I hope this get iron out in a subsequent release.

Overall Joost on the iPhone offer a nice experience as long as you are on a WiFi network.  Joost won’t work on 3G…

Any way, here is a copy of the Joost blog post about the release of the application:

Late last night, a Joost application made its way into the Apple App Store and subsequently onto many iPhone and iPod touch devices. I’d like to take a moment to share with you my perspective on what this means for you (the user) and for us (Joost).

First, for you it means another way to view our ever-expanding library of content on Joost. The first version of the iPhone application provides access to our full content library via Wi-Fi. You can browse, search, or simply enjoy some of our most popular programs. Personally, I’ve found it to be a great way to enjoy our extensive music video library and settle some of those “who did that song?” bets at the same time.

We’ve just scratched the surface of the full Joost experience with the first version of the iPhone app. For example, our social features and personalization haven’t found their way to the app yet. We are working to get more of the things you like about Joost on the iPhone right away. If there are particular things you’d like to see, drop us a note at Like all first versions, you may encounter issues as well. If you do, please take the time to drop us a note with the details.

Secondly, for us this is another example of the flexibility of our new Joost platform. In October, we launched our Flash-based player (no download required) and that was big news. But the even bigger news for us was that video was served via our new hybrid content distribution infrastructure – one that respects our peer-to-peer roots but also allows us the flexibility of choosing the best distribution option based upon what, where, and how a user is watching. We’ve quickly followed the initial launch with an embedded player and now the iPhone application. That is just the beginning, and it’s the thing that has us all very excited about the future – and particularly a future that lets you enjoy Joost whenever and wherever you want.

Happy (mobile) viewing!

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Joost comes out in a flash

October 14, 2021

Image representing Joost as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Joost has finally completed it’s second coming.  Right, Joost updated it’s offering by moving to a new social web site plus a web plugin a month ago… but what everyone was waiting for was for the new Joost flash based solution.

Over the last few days Joost has been testing the new client… sometime rendering it’s service unusable in the process… for example triggering a schizophrenic page reload in a loop.  But now all appear stable and running just fine with the new flash based player.

Joost finally saw the light regarding flash.  I had proposed they move to this platform a year ago but was told by a few people that this was not on the roadmap and that a plugin was more in line with the vision… obviously they where right and I was right ;-) but in the long run I am sure that only the flash flavor will remain.

As soon as the flash solution became available I removed the plugin from my system.  I hate to see it consume CPU cycles after I leave Joost web site.  Now with the flash client all is done when I leave Joost site.

What kind of technology does Joost use?  Apparently a simple flash front-end to an mp4 encoded h.264 video stream and AAC audio.  If I was Joost I would be a bit worried about getting my content “captures” as one can easilly download the whole file and save it to the HD be simply using QT to open the same web link the player use.  For example: link to joost source video.

Joost apparently corrupt the h.264 video stream making it very hard (but not impossible) to edit.  It is also possible to upload it to other platform like youtube (Joost… be nice to me, I am only pointing the obvious ;-)).  Uploading the Joost saved video linked above to youtube give the following result:

The video quality in the flash player is the same as what you use to get with the plugin… therefore I suspect you get the same file as the plugin minus the encryption bits.

This is truly the second coming of Joost and is a welcome one.  Hopefully more and more content deals will now be made to make Joost a viable competitor to hulu… or at least a viable complement of hulu… essentially filling the space that is currently left empty.


I noticed Joost is employing download throttling on the video download to only serve up fast enough to allow for continuous realtime playback.  This is a sort of deterrent to Joost video copy as it make it painfully slow to copy content… essentially you can’t copy faster than realtime.

  • Joost gets Flashy, works with virtually any web browser
  • Joost Turns On Its All-Flash Website. Is Anybody Watching?
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REVISION3 Joins Joost

October 2, 2021

Image representing Joost as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Revision3, the TV network for the Internet generation, will begin syndicating its entire content catalogue of shows including Tekzilla, Diggnation, Wine Library TV, and The Totally Rad Show to Joost™—the world’s first broadcast-quality Internet television service. The shows can also be viewed at Revision3 and on each show’s individual site. Fans can tune in to Joost™ for their daily dose of these shows and more.

“Web entertainment is about putting the viewer in charge, letting them watch ground-breaking material wherever and whenever they want – on any service,” says Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3. “Joost offers one of the most enjoyable ways to experience online video, and we’re proud to be a part of their offerings.”

Both Revision3 and Joost are committed to bringing their viewers excellence in innovative programming. Joost makes it simple for people around the world to watch high-quality video content for free. Taking advantage of the convenience of the Joost, Revision3 will make each show accessible in multiple, high-audio-and-visual quality formats.

Danny Passman, global head of programming for Joost, said, “Our goal is to help users create communities around our compelling content. Great shows like Diggnation and Wine Library TV – shows that appeal directly to our audience – will find big audiences from around the world on Joost.”

About Revision3:
Revision3 is the first media company that gets it. Born from the Internet, Revision3 is a TV network for the web, creating and producing shows for a new audience: passionate fans who want to watch shows about technology, modern culture and music that entertain, educate and help to expand their life experiences.

The company was founded in 2005 by technology visionaries Kevin Rose, Jay Adelson and David Prager, because they couldn’t find anything they wanted to watch on traditional television. The company is now led by Internet TV pioneer Jim Louderback. With more than 35 million downloads, Revision3’s programs can be found everywhere from Revision3 to a wide range of platforms, including Apple iTunes, Bittorrent, DivX, YouTube and PyroTV. Shows can be watched on any device, from a cell phone to an Apple Nano, on a computer or a TV.


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Wizzard Media, Joost Team to Deliver Extensive Video Catalog to Millions of Visitors Worldwide

September 30, 2021

Anime, Comedy and Music Podcasts Added to Joost’s Social Video Website

Image representing Joost as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

PITTSBURGH, BUSINESS WIRE — Wizzard Media (AMEX:WZE), the world’s largest podcasting network, today announced that it will bring a catalog of branded and independent video content, including the widely acclaimed “Tiki Bar” comedy, “Hilary Duff” music and fashion and the popular “Track-Shun” anime to Joost(TM) (, the world’s first broadcast-quality Internet television service.

“Joost has long been recognized as a leader and innovator in delivering superior quality video programming to the Internet,” said Chris Spencer, Wizzard CEO on making the announcement. “We are thrilled at the opportunity to join with them in extending the reach and distribution of the vast catalog of content we represent for our publishers. Our publishing partners are equally enthusiastic about the increased global distribution as well as the opportunity to generate revenues.” Read more

The new Joost goes live… soon to be Flash based

September 18, 2021

Image representing Joost as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Here you go guys and gals! Joost finally lifted the cover on it’s new web browser offering.  I reported on the new web solution two weeks ago and presented a short screencast about it… but now you can try it all for yourself.

At this point in time Joost is still requiring the download and installation of a client side plug-in to playback content… but guess what? They will soon offer (within a month I am told) a pure Flash based version so that anyone with Flash can view the “Standard” programming.

What does this mean?  If you want to watch the current selection of content you will only need the Flash version.  To watch the new HD Joost content and Live Broadcast you will need the plug-in.

So most users will more than likelly be fine with Flash!  Finally Joost will be available to the Linux community.

  • Hands-on with the new Joost: Software still required
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Another Joost Video Plug-in preview

September 6, 2021

Following the trail of Techcrunch I decided to take things in my own hands and made my own screencast showing the new Joost web site and plug-in in action. You can watch it below in SD or follow the link in the screencast to watch it in HD on Vimeo:

New Joost web site preview from Bernard Maltais on Vimeo.

New Joost for Intel Mac and Windows PC only

September 5, 2021

I Just found out that the new plug in for the new web site will be, at least at 1st, only for Intel based MAC and Windows PC with the following system requirement:

Windows XP and Vista

System requirements: Windows XP or Vista and one of the following browsers: IE6, IE7, Firefox 2 or Firefox 3.

Mac OS X Intel

System requirements: Mac OS Intel 10.4 or 10.5 and one of the following browsers: Safari, Firefox 2 or Firefox 3.

Joost web video preview

September 5, 2021

TechCrunch posted this great preview video of the new Joost web based service:

Joost to sacrifice it’s desktop client in favor of a web plugin?

September 5, 2021

Image representing Joost as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase

Finally, some news about our good freinds at Joost.  As expected Joost is apparently about ready to launch it’s web based offering.  In the process, NewTeeVee is reporting that Joost will completely get rid of the current full client for Mac and Windows in favor of a browser plug in solution.

Joost has been talking for about a year of embrassing a web based solution vs a full client.  My take a few months ago was that Joost would probably release their new web solution in time for back to school… summer is really not a great time to release anything ;-)

Keep an eye for more news about Joost Web Solution!

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