private beta start

June 1, 2021


NewTeeVee has been given the opportunity to review the new web TV service of Warner:

The WB private-beta-launched its anticipated new portal of old shows tonight, and I just had a chance to take a look around. The site looks nice enough and promises some interesting features, but there’s a lot left unfinished — like the original online shows we’d been promised. Features are similar to Hulu — you can link to and embed episodes and clips of episodes — but the layout is less clean and clear. One excellent addition is the capability to search within video transcripts for specific words.

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May 31, 2021

You must have noticed a tiny bit of a difference on the web site? No? Darn, I must have screwed up something!Kidding aside, I have decided it was time for a JoostTeam facelift.

So I went looking around and decided to go for a clean cut look and feel with a nice summary front page that show more news that the original layout. Read more

Back from the 404 land

July 26, 2021

Finally!  I am back.  My hosting provider had some issues with the server hosting Joostteam and it resulted in some severe downtime.  But things are fixed now as they have relocated my site o a brand new server!