Apple confirm issues with some iPod Touch screen

September 20, 2021

Apple has confirmed widespread reports complaining at the manner in which the iPod touch displays video with deep black areas, warning that some early units have “defective screens”.

At issue are reports claiming that video playback on the iPod touch is significantly darker than on the iPhone, suggesting inferior screens are deployed on the former unit, and reducing the value of the video playback experience.

For example, dark scenes in the classic Roman Polanski film, Chinatown, were really dark – lacking detail that the iPhone nicely detailed. Mossberg’s otherwise glowing review observes, “my two test units displayer beautiful images”.

Source: MacWorld

Control Joost with your iPhone/iPod Touch today!

September 18, 2021

You might have read one of my previous post regarding remotely controlling Joost from you iPhone or iTouch. Guess what! Someone is already making this a partial reality.

While reading various post about the iTouch this weekend I stumbled on a link to a nice iPhone/iTouch remote control application. OK, before you go saying that you can’t install applications on the iTouch because it has not been cracked yet I will state that this is an AJAX based application. Therefore no need to install anything on the iPhone/iTouch. The only thing you need is a WiFi connection back to the computer (Mac… sorry Windows users) running the server side software.

The software is called “Remote Buddy” and the beta release is adding iPhone/iTouch support. Remote Buddy allow you to control more than 70 applications, system parameters and Remote Buddy itself - just like with any other supported remote. One of those supported application happen to be Joost! Cool. But you won’t get the type of integration I described in my earlier post. For this Joost would have to make some more API available.

To make this possible Remote Buddy uses AJAX to create a virtual remote control on the iPhone/iTouch. The AJAX Remote is a virtual remote control, that is integrated into Remote Buddy and gives you access to Remote Buddy’s menu and functionality through a web browser.

The mini webinterface Remote Buddy dynamically generates is loaded into a browser - for example that of an iPhone™ - and offers direct access to the diverse functions in Remote Buddy. The webinterface is delivered to the browser by a webserver, developed from scratch by IOSPIRIT and which runs directly on your Mac®. The direct integration into Remote Buddy offers significant advantages such as a very high speed, efficiency and extremely low reaction times in a (W)LAN of often just a few milliseconds.

I have not been able to test the software myself just yet since I don’t have an iTouch yet… but when I get it I will certainly report on how well it work!

By the way, this is NOT a paid advertisement! But I am always open to advertise great IPTV related products on my blog!!