Livestation app store to watch the Europa League matches shown live

Image via CrunchBase

Livestation have released an app on the App Store a few days ago in partnership with Five and UEFA to allow purchasers to watch the Europa League matches shown live on Five in the UK on their iPhone/iPod touch devices.

The app retails for a one-off fee of 3.99 and it will give access [...]

Is Apple Price Gouging Early iPod Touch Adopters

I am one of those happy early iPod Touch adopters. I went and bought my unit the day it came in stock at Best Buy. Ever since I have not stopped carrying my iPod Touch all around with me.

The unit, just like the iPhone, is small enough to be carried all day long [...]

Apple iPhone and iPod Touch SDK in February 2008

OK, so this might be the opening for a Joost client on the iPod Touch platform. I know, Mike Volpi said that there is no plan right now for Joost on portable devices and that it might come later if there is a market… What I am saying is that this news will allow [...]

Boring weekend in Joost IRC channel

Since the announcement of OnTheToob acquisition by Joost a cold wind has been blowing on the “not so secret” Joost IRC channel (do some Googling to track it down). Many Joost developers are hanging in it and are chatting about various subjects.

Recently things got really quiet. Some would say that development get this [...]

Apple confirm issues with some iPod Touch screen

Apple has confirmed widespread reports complaining at the manner in which the iPod touch displays video with deep black areas, warning that some early units have “defective screens”.

At issue are reports claiming that video playback on the iPod touch is significantly darker than on the iPhone, suggesting inferior screens are deployed on the former [...]

Control Joost with your iPhone/iPod Touch today!

You might have read one of my previous post regarding remotely controlling Joost from you iPhone or iTouch. Guess what! Someone is already making this a partial reality.

While reading various post about the iTouch this weekend I stumbled on a link to a nice iPhone/iTouch remote control application. OK, before you go [...]

Joost on the iPhone / iPod Touch


OK, bad news, Apple corrected their statement about not breaking 3rd party applications on the iPhone/iPod. Apparently “software updates will most likely break” 3rd party app compatibility.

Original post:

No, don’t get excited, this is not an actual product! It is not even talked about by Joost staff. But it would certainly make sense.

Since the [...]

Vint Cert talk about the future of TV

Talking at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival, Vint Cerf – one of the handful of researchers who helped build the internet in the 1970s – said that the television industry would change rapidly as it approached its “iPod moment”.

“85% of all video we watch is pre-recorded, so you can set your system to download [...]

Apple future product… a Smart Media Commander?

This is pure speculation on my part, so let it be clear.

With Apple releasing the iPhone and now possibly the “iPod Touch” with 16:9 large screen touch display wouldn’t it make sense if Apple also turned those devices in “Smart Media Commanders”?

OK, what is a “Smart Media Commander” you might ask. Good question! [...]

Don’t expect an iPhone UI for the iPod any time soon

Since the iPhone’s introduction in January, the requests and baiting rumors for a touch-screen iPod that looks and acts like an iPhone – sans the actual phone – have sounded from every corner of the web. The world is inarguably intrigued by this new UI Apple developed for their highly anticipated gadget, and many are [...]