iPhone OS 4.0 features detailed; Apple tablet called iTablet

Boy Genius Report is posting what appear to be some of the new iPhone OS 4.0 features. in short expect:

New OS wide multitouch gesture
New UI making the 3G/3GS more like portable computers
New syncing method

Apple iPhone OS 4.0 features detailed! Also, Apple calling tablet the iTablet? « Boy Genius Report.

Livestation app store to watch the Europa League matches shown live

Image via CrunchBase

Livestation have released an app on the App Store a few days ago in partnership with Five and UEFA to allow purchasers to watch the Europa League matches shown live on Five in the UK on their iPhone/iPod touch devices.

The app retails for a one-off fee of 3.99 and it will give access [...]

I Got Myself A New Mac Netbook

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I am writing this post from my mother in law house using my new Mac Netbook from Dell. Yes, you are reading this right, I am using a Dell Mini 9 Netbook running OS X 10.5.6 coupled with my Apple iPhone running Nullriver Netshare app as my portable 3G internet access.

The whole [...]

My experience with Livestation on the iPhone

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As you know I am currently testing an alpha copy of Livestation for the iPhone. I can tell you that so far I am pretty happy with it and and that it will be a keeper!

Why will I keep this one application and why did I got rid of joost iPhone app? [...]

Apple angry at Rogers iPhone 3G plan

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Sorry folks, not much Joost news those days… so I will keep covering topics that are of interest to me. Hope you don’t mind.

Apparently Apple has been telling it’s Canadian stores not to sell the glorious 3G Phone this friday July 11th 2008! This is really a major blow to Rogers. [...]

Steve, force unlimited data plan on every iPhone provider!

There could be an easy way to fix this mess up in Canada between Rogers and the outraged potential Apple iPhone 3G customers… force every providers to offer unlimited data plans. Wouldn’t it make sense?

Think about it! The iPhone 3G is all about fast data access rivaling WiFi, new applications download capabilities, push mail/contacts/meetings, [...]

Rogers iPhone 3G plan is so… junk, useless, gouging

Rogers Canada finally unveiled it’s iPhone 3G plan. It would have better kept it in the garbage can if you ask me! What is it with Canadian cellular phone carier? Are they gouging Canadians or not? I mean, the iPhone 3G is all about fast internet browsing, being connected all the time, [...]

Cisco Live 2008: Love the Apple iPhone

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Cisco appear to have the love for the iPhone.  During the 1st and second keynotes given at the Orange County conference center  the Apple iPhone was put on the big screen to demonstrate cisco built application.  The 1st one was demonstrated by John Chambers during tuesday keynote to show how a Cisco [...]

Apple stole Rogers Wireless big announcement

Have you noticed the big announcement banner on Rogers Wireless web site?

Rogers is announcing Something Really Big for July 11th 2008? It is easy to know that the something big is… the Apple iPhone 3G.

Mysterious Apple Product Arrives in North America. Could it be the iPhone?

Via ImportGenius.com : U.S. Customs Database and Competitive Intelligence Tools:

“Since mid-March, Apple Inc. and its logistics partners have imported 188 ocean containers of a product type never before declared on its shipping manifests.

With iPhones currently out of stock at many Apple stores, including its flagship outlets in New York City, rumors abound that the company [...]