Livestation iPhone app won’t install because it could not be verified

December 20, 2021

Last night the dev team at Livestation released the application to 50 beta testers.  Being one of them I rushed to download and install but was stumped by an error message:

I really tried everything to get it going.  I even restored my iPhone to 2.2 as a new phone, no backup restore and still the same thing.

I have verified that the Livestation test profile was loaded correctly by looking under Settings - General - Profiles and it is!  It even read as verified… not sure where to go next.

Dev support at Livestation are reporting that many users have this issue but not all of the testers… so could it be related to the version of iTunes?  I am running the latest and greatest under 10.5.6?

Any ideas?

  • LiveStation’s demo of live TV on your iPhone
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Livestation streaming coming to the iPhone/iPod Touch

December 3, 2021

Livestation has been busy working on an iPhone/iPod Touch application that will let you watch live TV on your device over WiFi network connections.

The new application is not yet available but will be demonstrated live on Livestation on Thursday 04 December at 5pm GMT and will be available on a Livestation special channel both on our website, and in the player (the channel will be called iPhone Preview).

Visit the chat room in the player during the broadcast and ask Matteo questions, a selection of which will be read out live on-air. If you can’t wait until Thursday, here is an exclusive preview:

You can keep up to date with the development by chacking

I suspect many more internet based solutions like Livestation, Hulu, Sling will soon announce coming application for the Apple iPhone platform.  This platform is king in the mobile data access space and no one should ignore it at the cost of being left behind.

You may recall that Joost recently announced their player for the iPhone and now everyone will be scrambling to get theirs out the gate to not give them too much of an edge.

  • Joost gets back on our radar with iPhone app
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Joost finally goes on the iPhone

November 29, 2021

It’s about time!  I have been waiting for this moment to happen for over a year.  Back in september 2007 I was already proposing that Joost create an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Today they announce that exact thing and I must say it is pretty nice.  No need to have an account on Joost to watch the content.  Video playback start plenty fast and quality is what you got to expect from Joost as a service.

On the minus side you have the ackward interface of the  player.  Joost chose to depart from common Apple iPhone interface you might have grown used to and implemented some funky buttons to stop video playback and zoom video to full screen.  Another grip is the mute button that is a bit too close to the playback controls.  But I have to give them kudos for actually building their own player from the ground up!

I hope this get iron out in a subsequent release.

Overall Joost on the iPhone offer a nice experience as long as you are on a WiFi network.  Joost won’t work on 3G…

Any way, here is a copy of the Joost blog post about the release of the application:

Late last night, a Joost application made its way into the Apple App Store and subsequently onto many iPhone and iPod touch devices. I’d like to take a moment to share with you my perspective on what this means for you (the user) and for us (Joost).

First, for you it means another way to view our ever-expanding library of content on Joost. The first version of the iPhone application provides access to our full content library via Wi-Fi. You can browse, search, or simply enjoy some of our most popular programs. Personally, I’ve found it to be a great way to enjoy our extensive music video library and settle some of those “who did that song?” bets at the same time.

We’ve just scratched the surface of the full Joost experience with the first version of the iPhone app. For example, our social features and personalization haven’t found their way to the app yet. We are working to get more of the things you like about Joost on the iPhone right away. If there are particular things you’d like to see, drop us a note at Like all first versions, you may encounter issues as well. If you do, please take the time to drop us a note with the details.

Secondly, for us this is another example of the flexibility of our new Joost platform. In October, we launched our Flash-based player (no download required) and that was big news. But the even bigger news for us was that video was served via our new hybrid content distribution infrastructure – one that respects our peer-to-peer roots but also allows us the flexibility of choosing the best distribution option based upon what, where, and how a user is watching. We’ve quickly followed the initial launch with an embedded player and now the iPhone application. That is just the beginning, and it’s the thing that has us all very excited about the future – and particularly a future that lets you enjoy Joost whenever and wherever you want.

Happy (mobile) viewing!

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Boxee now running on AppleTV 2.3

November 22, 2021

The amazing folks at Boxee have done it again.  They have now figured out how to make it run on the newly upgraded AppleTV 2.3 OS.  More info in the boxee blog post.

It is now for the feint of heart but well worth the trouble I think.

I have captured a quick screencast of what the current version of Boxee look on Mac OSX.  Watch the beginning of the clip for the email address where you can request an invite to try the Boxee beta client.

  • Apple TV 2.3 Update Breaks Boxee, Other Hacks [Apple TV]
  • Boxee Raises $4 Million for Open-Source Media Center
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How to convert a DVD on a Mac using Handbrake 0.9.3

November 9, 2021

I have prepared a short (like 10 minute) video showing you how to easily convert a DVD movie to a Mac friendly video (or even XBOX 360/PSP/ipod) format.

You simply need to grab a copy of the latest prerelease build of Handbrake here.

Be aware that Handbrake dev team are planning to release an official version before the end of the year.

A lot of people are still using MacTheRipper and ffmpegx to do the work… but I guaranty you that Handbrake will produce much better results in a much smaller file size.

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Livestation now support PPC Mac

September 10, 2021

Livestation just announce the first beta version of Livestation for the Power PC. Multiple Mac PPC users where disapointed that Livestation was not working on their platform (like most other live video offering out there… Joost, Babelgum, etc).  Guess what… asked for it, they built it. Now watch it!

Download here

Features are the same for both Intel and Power PC.

It’s still new, so please give feedback on what you like and don’t like, what works and not.


Fixes in 2.0.18 over 2.0.13:
* Fixed issue with blacked out text boxes on sign in.
* Fixed webkit crash - epg page crashing in webkit.
* Improvements to Chat - including nickname change.
* Improvements to Search functionality
* Fixed Chat crashing Livestation client.
* Fixed Session id being cleared in endsessionevent
* Fixed menu shortcuts referring to Ctrl rather than Command.
* Added Add/Remove option in channels menu.
* Fixed glitches with stream playback on certain machines.
* Fixed scrolling redraw issue.


Jari Worsley
VP Engineering

OSX shredded to bits my network iTunes music library

August 19, 2021

Image by MagnusK via Flickr

OK, I am not just mad… I am really really really MAD!  It is the 1st time I find myself hating Apple OS X.  Why? Simple, it partially destroyed my music library that I access over an smb share!

What happen?  I seriously can’t beleive that it actually happen in such a silly dumb way!  I mean, who the hell is the Apple engineer that coded this stupid behavior!  I am not sure what to blame yet… the finder, the trash feature, both?  Maybe it is the desktop “finder” feature… but one thing for sure it has to change.

I can’t beleive I am the 1st one running into this nasty bug.  Any way, here is how it happen.  Let me know if you think it is my fault or the OS because I can’t see how I could blame myself for getting to this point.

Read more

Secret Apple product is a thin margin Mac Tablet?

July 22, 2021

A multitouch screenImage via Wikipedia

MacDailyNews source — the same one who tipped them to wireless iTunes Store sales direct to iPod, iPhone a week before Apple debuted it — report:

Think MacBook screen, possibly a bit smaller, in glass with iPhone-like, but fuller-featured Multi-Touch. Gesture library. Full Mac OS X. This is why they bought P.A. Semi. Possibly with Immersion’s haptic tech. Slot-loading SuperDrive. Accelerometer. GPS. Pretty expensive to produce initially, but sold at “low” price that will reduce margins. Apple wants to move these babies. And move they will. This is some sick shit. App Store-compatible, able to run Mac apps, too. By October at the latest.

This is just a rumor… but darn, Apple, stop bringing those great products out or I will go broke! Better get those extra overtime hours going to prep for this!

  • Apple Earnings: $1 Bill Profit, Record Mac Sales
  • Apple Call: New Product Transition To Hurt Margins; Jobs’ Health A Private Matter

Apple angry at Rogers iPhone 3G plan

July 8, 2021

Ginza!Image via Wikipedia

Sorry folks, not much Joost news those days… so I will keep covering topics that are of interest to me.  Hope you don’t mind.

Apparently Apple has been telling it’s Canadian stores not to sell the glorious 3G Phone this friday July 11th 2008!  This is really a major blow to Rogers.  Again, thank’s to rogers we must be the only ones with Apple stores that won’t sell the iPhone this coming friday (out of all the country where the iPhone is made available)!

All this thank’s to Rogers silly iPhone plans!  Apple is apparently taking some serious notes about the 50,000 name petition at  Apparently they do not want the Apple brand name to be tarnish by associating to a 3 year contract binding of Rogers Canada.  Apple know that 3 year contract is not in it’s customers interest… so it won’t sell the iPhone tied to a Rogers contract in it’s store! Take this Rogers!

Seriously, a 3year contract is unaceptable.  And those little 400MB base plans with not unlimited options is retarded.  Come to your sens and at leas offer a two year contract with a fair priced unlimited data plan will you?

  • Want to buy an iPhone in Canada? Don’t go to an Apple store (Updated)
  • This Supposed Apple-Rogers ‘Spat’ Smells Like Bullshit to Me
  • Is the iPhone a PR Fiasco for Rogers?
  • Apple to Rogers on iPhone: you’re on your own

Steve, force unlimited data plan on every iPhone provider!

June 29, 2021

Rogers Canada

There could be an easy way to fix this mess up in Canada between Rogers and the outraged potential Apple iPhone 3G customers… force every providers to offer unlimited data plans. Wouldn’t it make sense?

Think about it! The iPhone 3G is all about fast data access rivaling WiFi, new applications download capabilities, push mail/contacts/meetings, geo location. Without an unlimited data plan all this pretty much becomes futile. Who want to worry all the time that the new app they just installed will drain their data plan limit and cost them 10,000$ at the end of the month? This might very well happen if you use an iPhone 3G in Canada. Read more

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