YouTube XL: Video Portal To Your TV

picture-12Itís called YouTube XL, and itís going to bring the vast majority of YouTubeís content to your TV or large-screen computer monitor.

…But YouTube has stripped out many of the suggested videos, comments, and other content that clutters the main site in favor of a much more streamlined interface that is usable from across the room.

One of the most appealing aspects of XL is that it will work on nearly any device that has a browser and can connect to the TV. That means youíll be able to use it though your PS3 (though it sounds like there are some limitations – for example, the PS3 doesnít support HD YouTube videos yet).

…You can use a wireless keyboard, but YouTube has developed found something a bit more practical called Gmote, a remote control app that runs on Android phones.

…With Huluís release of Hulu Desktop earlier this week, and todayís release of YouTube XL, itís clear that the video wars are going to be fought in the living room over the next few years. … Now the site just needs to work on bringing more premium content to YouTube – itís fun to watch silly user-generated videos on my computer, but if Iím going to couch surf through YouTube on my big screen TV, Iíd rather watch content thatís a little more polished.

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