My experience with Livestation on the iPhone

December 23, 2021

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As you know I am currently testing an alpha copy of Livestation for the iPhone.  I can tell you that so far I am pretty happy with it and and that it will be a keeper!

Why will I keep this one application and why did I got rid of joost iPhone app?  Because it make me smarter and Joost… well!  How come may you ask… because I can now watch various news channels live as I ride the bus to and from work every day.  This is about 1.5 hours I can spend educating myself about what is going on in the world while sitting on the bus bench.

And because there are many news channel I can watch various perspectives on things… like from Russia, France, UK, etc.

I wish more channels would be available, news channels from Canada in french for example… but those will certainly come if Livestation becomes a popular iPhone application.

Did I mentioned that I am watching Livestation over 3G while moving down the street on the bus with almost perfect reception? Yep! Good thing I took the 6GB plan from Rogers because at 100MB an hour I could be in for a major hurtal!

Livestation are cautious to tell you that you are about to consume a lot of bandwidth when they sens that you are running over a 3G network connection.  This is very sensible of them.

The application still need some work before being ready fro prime time.  Livestation is also working on different way of encoding the video stream… so some will play beautifully over 3G and others will look like digested dog food!

So am I pleased with the application? You bet!  I bet it will have a huge success.  I really wish Livestation network will be up to the task awaiting because it will be a flood gate of bits flowing out from it to thos iPhones.  Their desktop application was popular but this will be at least 20 times more popular… and I am sure it will be more like 100 times more popular very soon.

Given the difficult economics one can ask how will they survive this huge bandwidth usage given very low publicity revenue…

I really hope they have the solution!

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