Livestation iPhone app won’t install because it could not be verified

December 20, 2021

Last night the dev team at Livestation released the application to 50 beta testers.  Being one of them I rushed to download and install but was stumped by an error message:

I really tried everything to get it going.  I even restored my iPhone to 2.2 as a new phone, no backup restore and still the same thing.

I have verified that the Livestation test profile was loaded correctly by looking under Settings - General - Profiles and it is!  It even read as verified… not sure where to go next.

Dev support at Livestation are reporting that many users have this issue but not all of the testers… so could it be related to the version of iTunes?  I am running the latest and greatest under 10.5.6?

Any ideas?

  • LiveStation’s demo of live TV on your iPhone
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