Another Canon HV20 vs Flip MinoHD comparison

December 17, 2021

Here is another comparison video I did pitting the Canon HV20 against the Flip MinoHD in usual daylight conditions.  It show interior house scenes (don’t comment on some of the mess in my place… kids, you know…) mixed with bright whine snow scenes.  Sorry, no sunny beach since it is winter around here!

The MinoHD is actually holding quite well.  It has some trouble with exposition in some scenes when compared to the HV20.  Contrast is also not as good… but overall for the size, price and portability you can’t go wrong.

The biggest thing for me is the lack of image stabilisation.  Even when mounted on an heavy tripod the lack of camera shake on the HV20 footage is a tribute to it’s very good optical image stabilization system.

Maybe the next gen MinoHD will include a bigger sensor that will allow for electronic image stabilization?

For the record the HV20 is left and MinoHD is right.  No color correction was done.  Simply re sized the HV20 footage to frame it similarly to the Flip MinoHD for proper comparison.  Because of the extra pixels captured by the HV20 this resizind was not giving an edge to the Mino ad more than enough pixels remained to support a fill 720p picture.

Canon HV20 vs Flip MinoHD Daylight from Bernard Maltais on Vimeo.

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