Just received a Flip MinoHD

December 9, 2021

Guess what just showed up on my door step today? Snow? Hell yeah! But this is not what I want to talk about.  I received a Flip MinoHD camera!

And boy is it nice.  I have been using my Canon HV20 for the past year and a half and have been happy with it.  But you know, the last time I asked my wife to film my daughter presentation the result was less that stellar… I mean… there was nothing to watch at all!  She could not control the poor thing and ended up not filming much usable.

The first thing she said when I showed her the Flip MinoHD was “give it to me”.  And away she went filming in the house.  When she returned she stated that with this she wold have made a great movie of my daughter instead of the bad one she did before.

The nice thing about the Flip MinoHD is that you can’t go wrong.  Simply press the big red buttn at the back and voila, you are making a movie!

The camera operation is flawless and it is quickly ready to take movie… like 3 seconds from power on to making a movie!  This will be good for these moments that need to be captured in a hurry.

I did make a short test video pitting the Canon HV20 against the Flip MinoHD in a low light condition.  The result?  The mino HD is holding itself quite nicelly.  I would lie if I said that it was as good as the HV20 (known as the king of low light for under 800$) but it did pretty well!  OK, the picture is not as sharp and detailed then the HV20 but between no video (like of my daughter) and some slightly less quality video of the said daughter I will take the Flip MinoHD any day!

Any way, enough for tonight, I need to get some sleep.  I have embeded the comparison clip below:

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