Livestation streaming coming to the iPhone/iPod Touch

December 3, 2021

Livestation has been busy working on an iPhone/iPod Touch application that will let you watch live TV on your device over WiFi network connections.

The new application is not yet available but will be demonstrated live on Livestation on Thursday 04 December at 5pm GMT and will be available on a Livestation special channel both on our website, and in the player (the channel will be called iPhone Preview).

Visit the chat room in the player during the broadcast and ask Matteo questions, a selection of which will be read out live on-air. If you can’t wait until Thursday, here is an exclusive preview:

You can keep up to date with the development by chacking

I suspect many more internet based solutions like Livestation, Hulu, Sling will soon announce coming application for the Apple iPhone platform.  This platform is king in the mobile data access space and no one should ignore it at the cost of being left behind.

You may recall that Joost recently announced their player for the iPhone and now everyone will be scrambling to get theirs out the gate to not give them too much of an edge.

  • Joost gets back on our radar with iPhone app
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