Livestation iPhone app 1st impression

December 20, 2021

I finally was able to install the iPhone/iPod Touch Livestation application.  A new version was sent out that took care of the dreaded “could not verify” issue of the previous one.

My 1st impression of the application is that it is simple, easy to use and good looking.  The current video quality is quite acceptable for “live” tv watching over WiFi.  Watching over 3G is a bit more hit and miss but appear to work quite well when enough bandwidth is available.  I will have to try it when riding the bus to work in the morning and se how it will tolerate 3G network quality changes along the way.

You can see some of he current UI screen capture below:

The video quality of some of the channels (for example NASA) appear to be slightly on the low side.  Low enough that I would chose not to watch it due to constant “pulsing” of the whole video.  I am sure this will be addressed in the future.

I have experienced a couple of crash already but this is an early beta and is expected.

I will keep you posted on the development of the application.


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Livestation iPhone app won’t install because it could not be verified

December 20, 2021

Last night the dev team at Livestation released the application to 50 beta testers.  Being one of them I rushed to download and install but was stumped by an error message:

I really tried everything to get it going.  I even restored my iPhone to 2.2 as a new phone, no backup restore and still the same thing.

I have verified that the Livestation test profile was loaded correctly by looking under Settings - General - Profiles and it is!  It even read as verified… not sure where to go next.

Dev support at Livestation are reporting that many users have this issue but not all of the testers… so could it be related to the version of iTunes?  I am running the latest and greatest under 10.5.6?

Any ideas?

  • LiveStation’s demo of live TV on your iPhone
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Former Sony PlayStation Europe CEO Chris Deering Joins Livestation Advisory Board

December 18, 2021

Image via Wikipedia

Livestation ( announced that former Sony PlayStation Europe CEO, Chris Deering, has joined the Livestation advisory board. Deering brings a decade of experience as CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, innovating and creating new markets in the digital media industry.

Chris recently commented his decision to join the Livestation Advisory Board: “The future of TV is already revealing itself to be massive choice, assisted by powerful collaborative search engines, delivered mostly via internet protocol and viewed on personal and community screens from 1 inch to 100 inches. Livestation embodies the DNA of TV’s future. I have maintained for quite some time that the ‘Long Tail of Live’ may be the greatest media force unleashed on mankind. The economic potential has not yet even been fully quantified and is only beginning to be tapped”.

“It is a great privilege to have such a leading and reputable executive of the digital industry as Chris on our advisory board,” said Matteo Berlucchi, CEO of Livestation. Chris’s knowledge of the digital consumer market and online services will be invaluable to Livestation as we develop our service.”

Chris Deering was founder and CEO of the London-based Sony PlayStation Division for EMEA and Australasia from 1995 through 2005, when he retired from Sony.

During 2004 and 2005, he was also president of Sony Europe Electronics Division, which markets Vaio Computers, Cybershot Digital Cameras, HD Camcorders, Sony Semiconductors and Digital Cinema; and on the Advisory Board of Sony Ericsson mobiles.

Most notable in 2005 was his launch of the Bravia LCD TV line, featuring the globally award winning “bouncy colored balls” TV commercial.

Livestation is the destination for interactive high quality TV and radio online offering international news channels from BBC, Al Jazeera, Bloomberg, France 24, Euronews, C-Span, ITN, Deutsche Welle and Russia Today.

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Livestation starting iPhone alpha testing

December 17, 2021

LONDON - NOVEMBER 09:  (FILE PHOTO) A man uses...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

I just got an email from Livestation stating that I qualified for one of the 50 iPhone Livestation application test licenses!

Here are the details of the emails:

Dear Livestation iPhone guinea-pig,

Congratulations, if you’re receiving this email you made the cut.

First of all, thanks for volunteering. We hope that all the crashes and glitches you’ll encounter will be nothing compared to the joy you’ll get by outclassing any of your friends with those old-looking iPhones that can’t even receive live TV.

Here’s what’s going to happen in 5 simple Frequently Asked Questions style. These instructions are up-to-date on our site at in case you lose this email.

1. When do I get it?
The number one question.

We are working really hard right now to bring the alpha version out. You will get an email as soon as we are ready. We’re hoping for the first release to be tomorrow Thursday 18th or Friday 19th, i.e. soon, very soon. We’re ironing out some last minute obvious bugs, tidying up some error messages - translating from “developer” to plain English - and other small changes.

2. How do I install?
Follow these easy steps.

1. You send us your Device ID (everyone bcc’d on this list has done so already, and already been added in the Ad Hoc profile of the current development build… :) )

2. Download the application zip file from the link we will provide in the release email. Download this file to your computer somewhere easy to find (for example, not in your temp directory!).

3. Unzip/uncompress the content of the file into a new folder.

4. Plug your device in and run iTunes.

5. In iTunes, select Device, ie your iPhone, and select the Applications tab.

6. Drag and drop the contents from the new folder to the Applications tab on iTunes.

7. Check “synchronize application” and “selected applications only”. Select “Livestation” only as the app to synchronize with your device. This step transfers the Livestation app to your iPhone or iPod Touch

8. Go to your device - you should see the Livestation logo. Click and enjoy!

3.What can go wrong?
The main area that can give you problems is going to be around connectivity. In our testing, the service works best on good, stable connections. Wi-Fi will work better than 3G but then again, if you have a strong 3G connection the service will run very smoothly too.

Note on iPhone firmware 2.2: there seems to be a problem running continuous streaming on iPhones running the latest firmware 2.2 on the 3G network. We are not sure what is causing this but you may experience sudden start/stop behaviour in the streaming due to sudden drops in connectivity. This was not observed on the previous firmware 2.1 and we hope 2.3 will resolve this problem.

4. How do I receive updated software?
There are two ways of learning about a new version. In this early phase we may release updates to the software as frequently as weekly. Some upgrades will be because of a “breaking change” - this is where we have had to break old versions to either fix a bug, or introduce a new feature. This is a consequence of trying out alpha software.

1. We will send out emails telling you of an updated version of the application. Just follow the installation steps above with the new version.

2. If you run an older version of the app, you should receive a message telling you there is a new version and asking you to upgrade every time you run it. Follow the install process as before. Check your email to see if you must upgrade.

5. I think I have a bug or request, now what?
As with updates, there are two options, depending on what you just noticed happening.

1. If Livestation crashes, then please restart Livestation, go to the “About” dialog and press “upload error log”. This can take 60 seconds or more depending on your network connection. Please email us to tell us how and when the bug happened on

2. If you cannot start Livestation, or for any other reason/bug, then email with your bug report.

3. In the email to please include:
- iPhone or iPod touch
- device & firmware version - 1.x or 2.x
- network - were you on wifi or 3G at the time.

For example :
“I lost the list of channels after 15 minutes usage. I’m using an iPhone, on 3G at the time, on 2.2 firmware.”

You asked for it and, yes, you are about to get it. We love Livestation on the iPhone and we hope you will too.

Thanks again for helping us.


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Another Canon HV20 vs Flip MinoHD comparison

December 17, 2021

Here is another comparison video I did pitting the Canon HV20 against the Flip MinoHD in usual daylight conditions.  It show interior house scenes (don’t comment on some of the mess in my place… kids, you know…) mixed with bright whine snow scenes.  Sorry, no sunny beach since it is winter around here!

The MinoHD is actually holding quite well.  It has some trouble with exposition in some scenes when compared to the HV20.  Contrast is also not as good… but overall for the size, price and portability you can’t go wrong.

The biggest thing for me is the lack of image stabilisation.  Even when mounted on an heavy tripod the lack of camera shake on the HV20 footage is a tribute to it’s very good optical image stabilization system.

Maybe the next gen MinoHD will include a bigger sensor that will allow for electronic image stabilization?

For the record the HV20 is left and MinoHD is right.  No color correction was done.  Simply re sized the HV20 footage to frame it similarly to the Flip MinoHD for proper comparison.  Because of the extra pixels captured by the HV20 this resizind was not giving an edge to the Mino ad more than enough pixels remained to support a fill 720p picture.

Canon HV20 vs Flip MinoHD Daylight from Bernard Maltais on Vimeo.

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Al Jazeera Arabic joins Livestation

December 16, 2021

Al Jazeera
Image via Wikipedia

Livestation , the destination for live TV over broadband, already has a number of Arabic news channels in its line up including BBC Arabic , Rusya al-Yaum , France 24 Arabic and Euronews Arabic .

Al Jazeera Arabic is a 24-hour satellite news channel serving more than 40 million viewers in the Middle East and around the world.

Now it can be received anywhere in the world except the USA by anyone with a broadband connection.

Matteo Berlucchi, Livestation’s CEO, said Al Jazeera Arabic is an important addition to Livestation’s channel line up.

“We are delighted to welcome Al Jazeera Arabic to Livestation. Recent feedback from our users confirms a strong demand for Arabic news channels. We are also looking forward to working closely with Al Jazeera Arabic to utilise our interactive tools. ” he said.

Al Jazeera English, which was one of the first channels to stream on Livestation, has been pioneering many of the interactive features available through the Livestation service. The live, instant chat is being used by the Riz Khan show to feed comments through to the studio to be used live, on air. Riz Khan says interactivity is key.

“We are finding more and more people want to take part by getting questions or comments to the guests that they see. Livestation is a perfect platform for this, it’s simple to use and allows our viewers to have an instant impact on what is being said by the guests.” he said.

Matteo Berlucchi says the live involvement of the audience is creating a new dynamic in broadcasting. He said it’s all part of Livestation’s ‘Be There Now’ offering, which is starting to influence a change in viewer behaviour.

“It’s all about taking the audience to a place they have never been and enabling them to play a part in how programmes are produced and presented”.

Livestation is available online at or through its award winning desktop player.

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Another cold day with the Flip MinoHD

December 10, 2021

I took some time today to put the Flip MinoHD through it’s pace… and decided to capture some scenes of my typical work day… minus the work ;-)

So I captures a bunch of random video sequences of the view from my office (nice heh!), me waiting for the bus, me in the bus looking out the window… me on my street looking at cars slip sliding in the snow and finally my son walking in the snow with great difficulty!

I took all the footage and made a quick movie that turned out not so bad.  The final quality is much better on my system then what is rendered by Facebook (sorry Vimeo but you only allow 1 HD movie upload a week and I already burned my credit… so facebook it is now… I will need to talk about this in another post).

OK, Facebook it won’t because apparently my video is longer than 2 min and Facebook want me to share my phone # to get more time… err… no!

So youtube it will be!

So enjoy the short movie entirely captured by the MinoHD and produced with iMovie 08.

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Just received a Flip MinoHD

December 9, 2021

Guess what just showed up on my door step today? Snow? Hell yeah! But this is not what I want to talk about.  I received a Flip MinoHD camera!

And boy is it nice.  I have been using my Canon HV20 for the past year and a half and have been happy with it.  But you know, the last time I asked my wife to film my daughter presentation the result was less that stellar… I mean… there was nothing to watch at all!  She could not control the poor thing and ended up not filming much usable.

The first thing she said when I showed her the Flip MinoHD was “give it to me”.  And away she went filming in the house.  When she returned she stated that with this she wold have made a great movie of my daughter instead of the bad one she did before.

The nice thing about the Flip MinoHD is that you can’t go wrong.  Simply press the big red buttn at the back and voila, you are making a movie!

The camera operation is flawless and it is quickly ready to take movie… like 3 seconds from power on to making a movie!  This will be good for these moments that need to be captured in a hurry.

I did make a short test video pitting the Canon HV20 against the Flip MinoHD in a low light condition.  The result?  The mino HD is holding itself quite nicelly.  I would lie if I said that it was as good as the HV20 (known as the king of low light for under 800$) but it did pretty well!  OK, the picture is not as sharp and detailed then the HV20 but between no video (like of my daughter) and some slightly less quality video of the said daughter I will take the Flip MinoHD any day!

Any way, enough for tonight, I need to get some sleep.  I have embeded the comparison clip below:

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Joost on the iPhone soon over 3G

December 3, 2021

Image representing Mike Volpi as depicted in C...
Image byTrevor Ray Hart

via CrunchBase

Mike Volpi told beet.TV that Joost will be available shortly on the iPhone over 3G cellular network connections.  They chose to stick to WiFi to start with to make sure the technology would work as expected over solid WiFi connections.  They will soon update the application with a version that will allow Joost video playback over 3G.

The list of supported video will be limited at first to the ones encoded with an mp4 profile suitable for the iPhone and 3G bandwidth… so don’t expect all 46,000 to be there day one.

I am glad I have a 6GB cap on my data plan via Rogers.  I might start to chew more and more on it as I watch more and more video over 3G ;-)

  • Joost Launches Video iPhone App on WiFi; 3G Capacity Coming Soon
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Livestation streaming coming to the iPhone/iPod Touch

December 3, 2021

Livestation has been busy working on an iPhone/iPod Touch application that will let you watch live TV on your device over WiFi network connections.

The new application is not yet available but will be demonstrated live on Livestation on Thursday 04 December at 5pm GMT and will be available on a Livestation special channel both on our website, and in the player (the channel will be called iPhone Preview).

Visit the chat room in the player during the broadcast and ask Matteo questions, a selection of which will be read out live on-air. If you can’t wait until Thursday, here is an exclusive preview:

You can keep up to date with the development by chacking

I suspect many more internet based solutions like Livestation, Hulu, Sling will soon announce coming application for the Apple iPhone platform.  This platform is king in the mobile data access space and no one should ignore it at the cost of being left behind.

You may recall that Joost recently announced their player for the iPhone and now everyone will be scrambling to get theirs out the gate to not give them too much of an edge.

  • Joost gets back on our radar with iPhone app
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