Livestation supports CNN IBN to broadcast coverage of the Mumbai stand-off

November 27, 2021

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Livestation, the destination for high quality live TV and radio online, has stepped in to support the Indian news channel, CNN IBN, cope with the sudden global demand for live streaming as the crisis in Mumbai unfolds.

The CNN IBN website has been hit by increased traffic with people eager for the latest information on the bombings, shootings and on-going siege.

Livestation offered to distribute the CNN IBN signal in high-quality and stream it globally without charge in order to ensure that the flow of information was not restricted and uninterrupted.

Roshan Tamang, Vice-President & Editor, Web Operations at CNN-IBN  commented, “It’s been a pleasure co-operating with Livestation in order to meet the massive demand for the live CNN-IBN coverage.”

Matteo Berlucchi, CEO of Livestation said the demand for the CNN IBN feed shows that a growing number of people are turning to the streaming of live TV news over broadband to find more in-depth coverage and perspective.

“Our weekly statistics show that more and more people are expecting to view live TV coverage on their desktops. Livestation is keen to work in partnership with broadcasters to make this happen. We are delighted that CNN IBN responded so promptly to our offer. The channel was live on Livestation in less than an hour.”

  • CNN IBN Live Streaming from Mumbai
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