Online TV viewers impact election night coverage via Livestation

November 6, 2021

On election night, as many international broadcasters staged 12-hour US election specials, Al Jazeera English reached a new dimension in TV broadcasting by pioneering the use of instant, live chat as an integral part of the channels live output.

The channel was being streamed over broadband via Livestation, the destination for live broadcasting online.

At one point, more than 100 people were in the global chat room attached to the live stream of Al Jazeera English; numbers boosted every time the channel gave an on-air promotion.

Their comments fed through to the live TV output at Al Jazeera studios in Washington and Doha. Some of the comments from the Livestation chat can be seen on Al Jazeera’s website

According to Russell Merryman, Head of New Media at Al Jazeera English, the Livestation tools enabled the channel to reach out to a global audience and to enhance its output with multiple perspectives.

“It introduces a fresh dynamic to interactive news coverage. It’s about engaging with viewers in new ways, being where they are and delivering news in a way the viewers want to receive it. Our partnership with Livestation has furnished us with the tools to make this happen.”  Russell Merryman, Head of New Media, Al Jazeera English.

Livestation viewers impact the Riz Khan show
The Riz Khan show on Al Jazeera English, which goes out Monday to Thursday at 20:30 GMT is now using the Livestation live chat tool on a daily basis and will take this one step further on Thursday 06 November when show presenter, Riz Khan, joins online viewers in the chat room immediately after the programme.

“Interactivity is a key element of my show and we are finding more and more people want to take part by getting questions or comments to the guests that they see. Livestation is a perfect platform for this, it’s very simple to use and allows our viewers to immediately comment about what is being said by the guests” he said.

Livestation can be enjoyed on the web at and on the desktop after a free and simple download.

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