Livestation, a novel way to interactively watch live TV

November 5, 2021

I spent last night watching the US Election live.  This is something I almost never do. No, not watching elections… watching live TV.  In this era of DVR only my mother in law still watch live TV anymore… right?

But since I started using Livestation I have discovered that watching live TV make sense and can be fun again.  Not just simply watching TV live… but actively participating in the live TV content.  Let me explain:

  1. You install Livestation on your Mac, Windows PC or Linux based system.
  2. You login and start watching a channel… let say Aljazera.
  3. You go in the channel chat room and start reading people comments about the show playing live.
  4. The host of the show happen to also use Livestation at that moment and yes… he also read and write in the chat room.
  5. You write something and, to your surprise, the live TV show host pick up what you just wrote in the chat room and start speaking to that live.
  6. You submit a URL in the chat room demonstrating what you just stated and the show host go to the web site, look at it and decide to show what he see live on the show.

This is no longer passive TV… you are now influencing what is going on live via the chat room.  Other chat room participants can reply, influence, argument with you or the host.  It is sometime chaotic, fun to watch.

Livestation is hard working on improving the chat system to make it more suitable to live TV interaction. They recently added a live voting option to their prerelease client that allow show host to poll Livestation viewers for their opinion on a given subject, great idea!

Livestation has finally been able to make the link between Live TV and the web… something that no one else has successfully done before. I hope more live TV content provider start to get the clue and jump on the Livestation wagon.

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