Wizzard Media, Joost Team to Deliver Extensive Video Catalog to Millions of Visitors Worldwide

September 30, 2021

Anime, Comedy and Music Podcasts Added to Joost’s Social Video Website

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PITTSBURGH, BUSINESS WIRE — Wizzard Media (AMEX:WZE), the world’s largest podcasting network, today announced that it will bring a catalog of branded and independent video content, including the widely acclaimed “Tiki Bar” comedy, “Hilary Duff” music and fashion and the popular “Track-Shun” anime to Joost(TM) (www.joost.com), the world’s first broadcast-quality Internet television service.

“Joost has long been recognized as a leader and innovator in delivering superior quality video programming to the Internet,” said Chris Spencer, Wizzard CEO on making the announcement. “We are thrilled at the opportunity to join with them in extending the reach and distribution of the vast catalog of content we represent for our publishers. Our publishing partners are equally enthusiastic about the increased global distribution as well as the opportunity to generate revenues.”

The delivery of video content on the new Joost platform is the ideal distribution channel for the Wizzard Media Network catalog. Joost, an ad-supported platform, recently launched a web-based version in which a small plug-in allows users to watch videos directly in the browser. Next month, all video will be viewable on Joost.com using a standard Flash player.

Danny Passman, global head of programming at Joost, said, “Wizzard distributes some of the most-popular podcasts on the web and audiences watch their podcasts daily because the programming is timely, intelligent and speaks to people’s specific interests. The shows tie-in perfectly with some of our key content priorities like anime, comedy and music, and give fans of these genres more entertainment choices.”

Through its partnership with Joost, Wizzard Media Network will be able to reach a larger audience of fans around the world. Fans will also have the opportunity to interact with each other and form communities around Wizzard Media content. By adding Joost and its social, web-based platform as a distribution partner, Wizzard Media will offer more opportunities for monetization to its network of video producers.

About Wizzard Media

Wizzard Media is the industry’s leading podcast hosting network, with an unprecedented one billion-plus download requests in 2007. Podcasts are a means for independent and professional content creators to publish audio and video shows for the world to enjoy over the Internet or on mp3 players, such as the Apple iPod and the Microsoft Zune. Podcasting is a relatively new phenomenon, but Wizzard Media collectively broadcasts millions of podcast downloads per day through media aggregators like Apple’s iTunes, Microsoft’s Zune Marketplace and other podcast aggregators. For more information, please visit www.wizzard.tv. Wizzard Media is a division of Wizzard Software, a leader in speech technology development.

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