Win 2500$ from and HP Wireless Printer assignment

September 29, 2021

I was sent this interesting contest today.  I am not paid to put it here… I only thought it was cool and might interest some of you guys:

Current TV is all about viewer created content, and VCAMs offer opportunities for viewers to create advertisements for network sponsors.  Anyone can participate in the assignments and if their ad is selected to air on Current, they’ll earn $2500.

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in growing their portfolio and a chance to earn meaningful cash, and would love to invite your readers to participate.

The assignment have going on right now is for HP Printers.  Here’s some quick info:

HP VCAM: What Do You Have To Say?.


Founded in 2005 by Al Gore and Joel Hyatt, Current is an Emmy-award-winning television network and online social news destination that is redefining news and information for young adults. Over 40% of Current TV’s short-form nonfiction programming is created with our audience. All this content, and much more, can be found on, the first online social news portal to take its community’s voice back onto TV.”

  • Al Gore’s Current: Re-defining TV, Using the Web
  • Gore-Backed Current TV Files For $100 Million IPO; $63.7 Million 2007 Revs; Losses Mount
  • Al Gore’s Current files for $100 million IPO [Loser-generated Content]
  • Al Gore gets Current with Web 2.0
  • Current TV Hacks The Debate
  • Current TV to Air `Tweets’ During Debates
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