Livestation getting ready for cross-platform release

September 19, 2021

Jari Worsley, Livestation VP Engineering, wrote:

Just to let everyone know, we are working flat out over the weekend finalizing our long awaited cross-platform release, which incorporates the first user-generated rating and alert system for live TV and radio over broadband.

The new Livestation player will work on Windows, Mac and Linux and is packed with features (currently testing) including:

* Buzz, the new way to alert others when you find something worth watching
* an easy to navigate visual carousel, offering seamless, one-click channel selection
* a search and add feature, for you to access more than 1000 viewer-added web channels
* chat, allowing you to interact with others while watching Livestation.

Loads of additional features are also in the pipeline, but you’ll just have to wait for a future release. :)

This sound like a really cool release.  I am specially looking forward to the Buzz and Chat feature in this new release. It will be nice to see the new “Buzz” social feature in action.

I am curious to see how it will work. Will it be similar to a “Digg” page where all the recently “Buzz”ed news are sorted and ranked? Will it eventually allow one to watch past “Buzz”ed events? Will the feature only apply to Livestation provided channels or to user added channels too? Will the feature allow for some sort of “scheduled” Buzz so that it can be used as some sort of programming Guide on can subscribe too? So many possibilities.

This “guide” feature could be a nice feature for those scheduled events/programs on individual channels. A user could opt to schedule to record a particular event (think DVR for livestation) and watch it later. The optimal implementation would be it the DVR data storage could be done on Livestation back-end media servers and allow individuals to watch past events based on a schedule grid for each channel… maybe based on “Buzz” generated by users watching it live.

OK, enough for now ;-)

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