LiveStation 2.0.9 Now Available on Mac OS X, Linux Next

August 12, 2021

I reported on Saturday that LiveStation was about to release a pre-release version of it’s client for Mac OS X.

I was happy to find an email in my inbox this morning with details about the upcoming pre-release.  The client run natively on Mac intel platform for now under both Tiger and Leopard. A PPC version is apparently in the work.

The OS X client is the most advanced client to date for LiveStation.  It is the 1st to sport the new “Carousel” look and feel for channel surfing.

The feature is reminiscent of  Coverflow but with an nice 3D addition. Windows users don’t worry, the new look and feel will be brought to the platform very soon.  I was told that all three clients will be kept on par with features.  The mean Linux, Mac and Windows.

One interesting note is the fact that the Mac client does not make use of MS Silverlight.  I was expecting to be require to install the client to get Livestation running.  Not at all.  Livestation is a simple Mac application that you drag in the Application folder… no installation program like Windows is required.

Does this mean that LiveStation is moving away from Silverlight?  I don’t know right now.  But I was told that the Mac version is sharing the same code base as Linux… If both Mac and Linux are Silverlight free then maybe the next Windows client will no longer rely on it?

On the Mac (and on Linux) Livestation is making use of FFmpeg and OpenAL, two components under LGPL licensing.  FFmpeg to do the video/audio decoding and OpenAL for some audio playback/decoding.

LiveStation is currently making Al Jazeera, BBC World News, BBC World Service, France 24 (English), France 24 (French) and Russia Today (English) to Canada and USA.  Geo restrictions are preventing me from watching the iTele unfortunately.

You can also select from a list of 500+ user submited channels currently available to complement the out of the box selection.  Obviously LiveStation is not responsible for reliability and quality of those others channels.  I can attest that it is hit and miss with some of them.  But it make for a nice addition.

The pre-release is very stable and fully usable.  If all goes well a full public beta should be available within weeks of the pre-release.  You can register for the pre-release by going to

The Linux pre-release will be available soon… within days.  Focus of internal testing has been given to Ubuntu/Kubuntu… but other Linux distro should work too.

The new Windows client sporting the “carousel” look should be available soon to.

In the mean time you can watch the following screencast of the new Mac client.  An HD version of the screencast is available if you follow the link inside the video:

LiveStation Screencast of Mac OSX Client 2.0.9 from Bernard Maltais on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to “LiveStation 2.0.9 Now Available on Mac OS X, Linux Next”

  1. Jari on August 13th, 2008 5:36 pm


    glad you liked it. We’ll be getting it out as an alpha for a wider audience in the next few days/week or so. So any TV loving Mac users reading this blog… come over and try it. :)

    btw. I love the Vimeo screencast. You forget how things look when you work on them every day.



  2. Livestation site down due to hosting provider fault : JoostTeam on September 5th, 2008 2:43 pm

    [...] LiveStation 2.0.9 Now Available on Mac OS X, Linux Next [...]

  3. Joe Connor on September 9th, 2008 3:54 pm

    Livestation 2.0.18 has been released, now with PowerPC (PPC) support and many enhancements and fixes. Updated version is available for Intel Macs too…


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