Joost brainstorming about future of content distribution

August 11, 2021

Remco (Blikkie?) wrote in a blog post that Joost employee have been meeting a lot recently recently regarding the future of Joost content distribution.

Apparently Joost might want to focus more of it’s content distribution as a mechanism that enables small, back-of-the-shed-operations, to put their professionally produced content online and make a decent buck from it.

It is not clear if Joost will try to focus solely on Small content vs Big content like Hulu.  Is it that it is getting difficult to obtain exclusive premium content?  Maybe…  Joost has signed major content distribution deal in the past but has not announced any major deals in the recent months.  For sure Hulu is starting to occupy this space and is going a good job at it.

Let hope Joost find it’s niche and is able to grow to be a leader again in that space.

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