Card Player TV coming to Joost

July 31, 2021

Poker player rejoice, Card Player Media today announces the launch of Card Player TV on Joost.  Card Player TV shows can be found on the Everything Poker channel on Joost at

The Card Player TV channel on Joost includes news programming, strategy lessons from and biographies of top poker professionals, coverage of the world’s largest poker tournaments, legislative updates, and behind-the-scenes looks at the unique lifestyles of the biggest players in the industry. Fans will also get to watch interviews, tips, and tricks with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Jeff Shulman, CEO of Card Player Media, said, “Card Player TV has proved to be both influential and hugely popular since it was launched in 2006, and our partnership with Joost allows us to take it to the next level with a host of social-networking features that will help us reach a wider audience as well as give our loyal viewers more choice over how they interact with Card Player TV.”

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Joost going live in China

July 23, 2021

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Internet television service Joost and TOM Group Limited, one of the leading Chinese media conglomerates in Greater China, today launched a joint venture to bring a full Joost offering to the region of Greater China.

Set up by Kazaa and Skype founders Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom, Joost burst onto the scene in the United States in 2007 as a high-profile free video service.

TOM Group’s majority shareholder, Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing (as shown in picture), owns a minority stake in Joost. Tom Group was founded in October 1999 as a joint venture between Hutchison Whampoa, Cheung Kong Holdings and other investors.


The venture will offer Chinese-language programming over the Internet and has launched the site at Joost and Tom source programming from within China and has about 16,000 hours of Chinese programming.  They also secured deals with several established content providers including CCTV, China Record Corporation, BTV Media, Huayi Brothers Media Group and Warner Home Entertainment.

Ken Young, CEO and executive director of Tom Group, said the alliance with Joost will enhance and increase the company’s range of internet services.

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Secret Apple product is a thin margin Mac Tablet?

July 22, 2021

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MacDailyNews source — the same one who tipped them to wireless iTunes Store sales direct to iPod, iPhone a week before Apple debuted it — report:

Think MacBook screen, possibly a bit smaller, in glass with iPhone-like, but fuller-featured Multi-Touch. Gesture library. Full Mac OS X. This is why they bought P.A. Semi. Possibly with Immersion’s haptic tech. Slot-loading SuperDrive. Accelerometer. GPS. Pretty expensive to produce initially, but sold at “low” price that will reduce margins. Apple wants to move these babies. And move they will. This is some sick shit. App Store-compatible, able to run Mac apps, too. By October at the latest.

This is just a rumor… but darn, Apple, stop bringing those great products out or I will go broke! Better get those extra overtime hours going to prep for this!

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Joost beta client 1.1.8 just released

July 21, 2021

Joost just released version 1.1.8 of it Windows and OSX client.  Again, there is apparently nothing visible at this point with the client.

Joost is said to be releasing a web based version of the client later this summer… so within the next couple of weeks… most likelly in time for back to school I guess.

Simply follow this link to download the latest Joost client.

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Batman Week begins on Joost

July 16, 2021

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Any follower of pop culture knows that the next Batman movie - The Dark Knight - is opening on Friday in the U.S. (and on various dates throughout the next month around the rest of the world). To get ready for the movie (which is actually the first movie this summer I’ve been excited about…but I digress) Warner Bros. has given us three animated Batman series - Batman Beyond, Batman: The Animated Series, and The Batman - in the U.S.

As a special treat, we have enlisted the help of some bona fide Batman fans to share their can’t miss moments from their favorite shows. Read more

Yvette J. Alberdingk Thijm is leaving Joost

July 9, 2021

alleyinsider is reporting:

The architect of Joost’s many splashy TV deals is leaving the company. Yvette J. Alberdingk Thijm was named executive director of Witness, a human rights organization founded by Peter Gabriel.

Thijm was Executive Vice President of Content Strategy & Acquisition at Joost. In the past year Joost has been busy remaking the P2P TV service into a Web-based application that consumers would be more likely to use and has not announced many new major content deals. Joost is expected to relaunch the service later this summer.

Thijm’s departure further thins the ranks of Joost employees who were around for the Internet TV service’s heyday. Joost recently hired two programming execs from Paris-based video sharing site Dailymotion: Danny Passman was named global head of programming strategy, and John Schultz, director of programming strategy.

Before Joost, Thijm was EVP of business affairs for MTV Networks International, where she oversaw business affairs for all of its branded businesses and channels worldwide (outside the U.S.A.), including digital media initiatives, audiovisual co-productions, new business development, strategic partnerships and joint ventures.. She has been on the board of Witness since 2005. Her last day at Joost is July 15.

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NHK Joins Joost

July 9, 2021


LONDON AND TOKYO – July 9, 2021 – Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai (NHK), the sole Japanese public broadcaster, announced today that it will bring a selection of its program offerings to Joost™, the world’s first broadcast-quality Internet television service.

“NHK has been a powerhouse of Japanese broadcasting since its launch, and to have a public broadcaster at the forefront of digital distribution demonstrates their innovative outlook,” said Mike Volpi, chief executive officer, Joost. “This is a great opportunity and partnership for Joost; we’re able to expand our international footprint and give NHK the opportunity to introduce their brand of entertainment and news programming to people around the world.” Read more

Apple angry at Rogers iPhone 3G plan

July 8, 2021

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Sorry folks, not much Joost news those days… so I will keep covering topics that are of interest to me.  Hope you don’t mind.

Apparently Apple has been telling it’s Canadian stores not to sell the glorious 3G Phone this friday July 11th 2008!  This is really a major blow to Rogers.  Again, thank’s to rogers we must be the only ones with Apple stores that won’t sell the iPhone this coming friday (out of all the country where the iPhone is made available)!

All this thank’s to Rogers silly iPhone plans!  Apple is apparently taking some serious notes about the 50,000 name petition at  Apparently they do not want the Apple brand name to be tarnish by associating to a 3 year contract binding of Rogers Canada.  Apple know that 3 year contract is not in it’s customers interest… so it won’t sell the iPhone tied to a Rogers contract in it’s store! Take this Rogers!

Seriously, a 3year contract is unaceptable.  And those little 400MB base plans with not unlimited options is retarded.  Come to your sens and at leas offer a two year contract with a fair priced unlimited data plan will you?

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