Steve, force unlimited data plan on every iPhone provider!

June 29, 2021

Rogers Canada

There could be an easy way to fix this mess up in Canada between Rogers and the outraged potential Apple iPhone 3G customers… force every providers to offer unlimited data plans. Wouldn’t it make sense?

Think about it! The iPhone 3G is all about fast data access rivaling WiFi, new applications download capabilities, push mail/contacts/meetings, geo location. Without an unlimited data plan all this pretty much becomes futile. Who want to worry all the time that the new app they just installed will drain their data plan limit and cost them 10,000$ at the end of the month? This might very well happen if you use an iPhone 3G in Canada.

The only way to protect the customers would be for Apple to set the price of entry for the phone to be unlimited data plan.

Rogers may be claiming a high number of web page views with the puny 400MB limit… nut I am sure they don’t surf sites like Arstechnia or facebook that can easilly use 0.8 to 1.2 MB per page! Those people making up those data plans at Rogers should resign right now! They clearly have no idea of what the new phone is all about!

Steve, is it too late to fix this mess… or have you already signed a contract that force you to offer the iPhone to Rogers in Canada? Steve, place a stop on Rogers and prevent them from selling an iPhone untill they commit to cheap unlimited data plans that actually make sense.

Please sign the iPhone petition below if you want to make a difference:

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