Rogers iPhone 3G plan is so… junk, useless, gouging

June 28, 2021

Rogers Canada

Rogers Canada finally unveiled it’s iPhone 3G plan.  It would have better kept it in the garbage can if you ask me!  What is it with Canadian cellular phone carier?  Are they gouging Canadians or not? I mean, the iPhone 3G is all about fast internet browsing, being connected all the time, staying connected all the time, installing applications from the app store over the air, downloading iTunes songs over the air, watching Youtube video and god knows what else is to come.

But Rogers in their great Canadian greed have decided to cap data plan on their most expansive plan (115$) at a miserable 2GB!  And let not even talk of the entry plan for 60$… 400MB!  OMG! I would constantly be worried that I would exceed the data plan limit by simply leaving the phone on!

Rogers, it must be nice to have the monopoly of the iPhone 3G! What happen to your 7$ all you can eat data plan on Fido?  Are you affraid people would install some VoIP software to escape your silly voice plan? I guess you might be!  Don’t tell me those data bits are costing you a terrible amount of money!  We all know it is not true!

I will tell you one thing: I will not be getting an iPhone any time soon!  Rogers, I would have bought one on July 11th if you had offered a 30$ all you can eat data plan… but don’t count on it anymore! OK!

Thank you Rogers for making Canadians #1! Longest lock-in contract in the world (3 years) and most expansive plan in the world! There is one thing I am sure… you won’t sell nearly as much as other carriers in other country per capita! You really know how to make a good technology a bad choice!

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