Cisco Live 2008: Love the Apple iPhone

June 25, 2021

Cisco Systems

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Cisco appear to have the love for the iPhone.  During the 1st and second keynotes given at the Orange County conference center  the Apple iPhone was put on the big screen to demonstrate cisco built application.  The 1st one was demonstrated by John Chambers during tuesday keynote to show how a Cisco Webex customer can transfer a video call from the web browser to the iPhone.  One can even use the accelerometer in the iPhone to throw a video session from one iPhone to the next.

During the second day key note Padma Warrior showed how a data center admin can monitor VMWare farm utilization and the create a new server to be added via an iPhone application.

Clearly Cisco is recognizing the strength and potential of the Apple iPhone and is publicly embracing it.  If Cisco success in the network world and the embracing of the iPhone is a sign of success to come then Apple iPhone will be a huge.

I will update this post once I get back home and can transfer the 1st keynotes video bits of the iPhone application for webex.

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