Is Apple Price Gouging Early iPod Touch Adopters

June 20, 2021

I am one of those happy early iPod Touch adopters.  I went and bought my unit the day it came in stock at Best Buy.  Ever since I have not stopped carrying my iPod Touch all around with me.

The unit, just like the iPhone, is small enough to be carried all day long in my pants front pocket.  I carry all my contacts on it, all my calandar events, pictures, music and TV shows.  I use it so much that I have left behind my Windows mobile smartphone to switch back to a smaller Nokia flip phone that does a better job of being a phone.

When Apple released the iPod Touch upgrade for $20.00 to bring the applications on par with the iPhone I updated mine the day it went live on iTunes.  I was not happy of paying $20.00 especially that new iPod Touch would come bundled with the update soon after…

None the less I have been happy until Apple announced at WWDC 2008 that current iPod Touch owners will be able to upgrade to the version 2 of the OS for $9.99.  OK, so how is this going to work exactly?  Will Apple allow 1st wave iPod Touch to be upgraded to the 2.0 version for $9.99 even if they have not paid the original $20.00… or will they charge $29.99 for it?

There was no mention of a possibility of having to pay $29.99 in case you where the prowd owner of a 1st wave unit. So if Apple only charge $9.99 for all iPod Touch users does it mean that because I upgraded the product early I will end up paying more that people that have not upgraded yet? Apple should actually give me back a $10.00 iTunes credit the minute I try to upgrade to version 2.0 on iTunes.

If they don’t they are really treating the very people that adopt their product as a bunch of dummy.  I can care less of those stupid accounting rules.  Apple should find a way to sell those iPods with unlimited rights to upgrade for free and stop making early Apple product adopters feel like they mean nothing to them.

If anything those early adopters are a big part of why Apple is what it is today.  Steve has done a great job at saving Apple but he was able to save Apple in the 1st place because there where a bunch of Apple fans that kept buying Apple products and funding the company.

Steve, please come forward and play fair with your loyal users.

A frustrated Apple early adopter.

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