Joost prepping new web site: Forum has to go down

June 18, 2021

Joost blog report that:

Some of you might have heard that we’re developing a web-based version of Joost. Well, it’s coming and we’re excited about it – and we’re working really hard to build a great platform for video entertainment.

But there’s an unfortunate side effect, and that is that we are going to have to take down our forums while we’re getting the new site up. As a result, the forums will go down on June 20.*

We’ve set up a Google Group that we’d encourage you to visit if you have any questions about Joost or you want to participate in the community conversation – and we’re going to monitor and participate in these conversations. In addition to answering your support questions, we’ll also provide information about new shows and developments.

Please bookmark it and check it out here.

You can also email if you’re having any trouble.

Thanks for your patience. We look forward to seeing you on the new Google Group Joost Forums.

*Not the date when we’ll introduce the web-based version of Joost, by the way.

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