Joost figured out what to do

June 17, 2021

Silicon Alley Insider published an interview of Mike Volpi about the future of Joost.

Mike report that Joost player was a great execution of a 2006 vision that did not pan out as expected given the new 2008 playing field. Mr. Volpi also reported that Joost hope to provide a better package and presentation solution to content provider hoping they will limit distribution of the good content to Joost and a few others… instead of offering it all over the web as it appear to be the trend at the moment. I am not sure what you are hoping for here but let me tell you Mike… Hulu is king right now for content distribution and it will be hard to displace. Not executing quickly on the web player side it going to be hard to recover from.

But who knows, Hulu was marked by all as dead on delivery but prove everyone wrong. So there is still hope Joost might be able to pull the impossible.

Mike state that alternatively Joost is focussing on indie content… something Hulu is not currently offering. I am not personally interested in indie content but maybe others are.

When asked about running out of money Mike answered that Joost has plenty of money in the Bank. Enough to deliver the new web based solution and tweak it to satisfaction.

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