MyMediaPlayer, the Hulu player for your desktop

June 16, 2021

Paul Yanez is at it again… and this time he just built the best darn media player for Hulu. His creation is named “MyMediaPlayer”. OK, not the best name out there… actually the name is pretty lame, but let forget about that and let focus on all the rest.

MyMediaPlayer is an Adobe Air application. This mean that it will run just fine on OSX, Windows and even Linux… as long as you install the Adobe Air framework and then install Paul’s media player on your system.

The combination of MyMediaPlayer and Hulu web site is what one might expect Joost new web site and standalone player to be.

You can easily install the application from Paul web site and start using it right away. The player is clean looking and simple to use. Paul has even put some smart into it that will automatically change the content of the media player from a thumbnail view to a movie only view when the window is shrinked to a small enough size. This way you can easilly watch hulu from a corner of your monitor.

MyMediaPlayer allow you to scale it’s window to the largest of largest monitors. Big monitor = Lots of thumbnails. As an example Paul is showing a screen capture of the application on a large monitor with up to 150 programs visible at once.

Another nice feature of the player is that it will allow you to keep watching the currently playen TV Show or Movie while browsing for another one. This is something that can’t be done using Hulu’s web site.

The player also allow you to search for content using a nicelly integrated search field. It will return tumbnails of video found to match the search keyword(s).

When selecting a particular show with the application it will nicelly list all available episode below the top view space.

The payer is far from being perfect but with some feedback and tweaks it might become a Hulu essential.

Good work Paul!

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