Apple stole Rogers Wireless big announcement

June 9, 2021

Have you noticed the big announcement banner on Rogers Wireless web site?

Rogers is announcing Something Really Big for July 11th 2008? It is easy to know that the something big is… the Apple iPhone 3G.

Simply go to the Canadian Apple store web site and look for who is providing the iPhone up North:

Can’t it be clearer than that? I guess not.

Note that Fido is not really a second Carrier offering the device as they where recently acquired by Rogers.

So Rogers pretty much has the iPhone monopoly in Canada. I hope the price will be on par with the US. It would be a 1st because most current Canadian Data Plan literally suck. For example, Bell Canada top data plan cost 100$/month for a puny 1GB of data.


OK, I goofed up with the date.  You can stop laughing now ;-)

Update 2:

Actually… you know, Steve is the one that really let the cat out of the bag at WWDC ;-) I wonder why Rogers has not decided to come out with more info today.  They must have known Steve was going to announce that they where going to carry the iPhone 3G. Rogers, stop the silly ad now and tell us how much it will cost… and how many units each store got because I am buying one and need to know where to get it on the 11th!

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