Steve, force unlimited data plan on every iPhone provider!

June 29, 2021

Rogers Canada

There could be an easy way to fix this mess up in Canada between Rogers and the outraged potential Apple iPhone 3G customers… force every providers to offer unlimited data plans. Wouldn’t it make sense?

Think about it! The iPhone 3G is all about fast data access rivaling WiFi, new applications download capabilities, push mail/contacts/meetings, geo location. Without an unlimited data plan all this pretty much becomes futile. Who want to worry all the time that the new app they just installed will drain their data plan limit and cost them 10,000$ at the end of the month? This might very well happen if you use an iPhone 3G in Canada. Read more

Rogers iPhone 3G plan is so… junk, useless, gouging

June 28, 2021

Rogers Canada

Rogers Canada finally unveiled it’s iPhone 3G plan.  It would have better kept it in the garbage can if you ask me!  What is it with Canadian cellular phone carier?  Are they gouging Canadians or not? I mean, the iPhone 3G is all about fast internet browsing, being connected all the time, staying connected all the time, installing applications from the app store over the air, downloading iTunes songs over the air, watching Youtube video and god knows what else is to come.

But Rogers in their great Canadian greed have decided to cap data plan on their most expansive plan (115$) at a miserable 2GB!  And let not even talk of the entry plan for 60$… 400MB!  OMG! I would constantly be worried that I would exceed the data plan limit by simply leaving the phone on!

Rogers, it must be nice to have the monopoly of the iPhone 3G! What happen to your 7$ all you can eat data plan on Fido?  Are you affraid people would install some VoIP software to escape your silly voice plan? I guess you might be!  Don’t tell me those data bits are costing you a terrible amount of money!  We all know it is not true!

I will tell you one thing: I will not be getting an iPhone any time soon!  Rogers, I would have bought one on July 11th if you had offered a 30$ all you can eat data plan… but don’t count on it anymore! OK!

Thank you Rogers for making Canadians #1! Longest lock-in contract in the world (3 years) and most expansive plan in the world! There is one thing I am sure… you won’t sell nearly as much as other carriers in other country per capita! You really know how to make a good technology a bad choice!

Cisco Live 2008: Love the Apple iPhone

June 25, 2021

Cisco Systems

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Cisco appear to have the love for the iPhone.  During the 1st and second keynotes given at the Orange County conference center  the Apple iPhone was put on the big screen to demonstrate cisco built application.  The 1st one was demonstrated by John Chambers during tuesday keynote to show how a Cisco Webex customer can transfer a video call from the web browser to the iPhone.  One can even use the accelerometer in the iPhone to throw a video session from one iPhone to the next.

During the second day key note Padma Warrior showed how a data center admin can monitor VMWare farm utilization and the create a new server to be added via an iPhone application. Read more

Heading to Cisco Live Networkers 2008

June 21, 2021

Hello fellow Joost, Apple, Hulu, WebTV followers.  Just a uick one to let you know that I am heading south tomorrow to attend the Cisco Live Networkers conference in Orlando.

Leave me a comment if you are attending too.  Maybe we will have a chance to meet and greet over there.

I will keep updating my blog as much as possible during the conference.


Is Apple Price Gouging Early iPod Touch Adopters

June 20, 2021

I am one of those happy early iPod Touch adopters.  I went and bought my unit the day it came in stock at Best Buy.  Ever since I have not stopped carrying my iPod Touch all around with me.

The unit, just like the iPhone, is small enough to be carried all day long in my pants front pocket.  I carry all my contacts on it, all my calandar events, pictures, music and TV shows.  I use it so much that I have left behind my Windows mobile smartphone to switch back to a smaller Nokia flip phone that does a better job of being a phone.

When Apple released the iPod Touch upgrade for $20.00 to bring the applications on par with the iPhone I updated mine the day it went live on iTunes.  I was not happy of paying $20.00 especially that new iPod Touch would come bundled with the update soon after…

None the less I have been happy until Apple announced at WWDC 2008 that current iPod Touch owners will be able to upgrade to the version 2 of the OS for $9.99.  OK, so how is this going to work exactly?  Will Apple allow 1st wave iPod Touch to be upgraded to the 2.0 version for $9.99 even if they have not paid the original $20.00… or will they charge $29.99 for it? Read more

Joost beta client 1.1.7 just got released

June 18, 2021

Tought I would share with you that Joost just released version 1.1.7 of it Windows and OSX client.  There is apparently nothing visible at this point with the client.  It may be that Joost is releasing new version of the client that will enable some inline browser playback when the new web site goes up in a couple of weeks?

As you might remember Joost announced today in a blog post that they are starting to build the new web site infrastructure that will make web browser based video a reality.  This is currently comming at the cost of losing the current Joost discussion forum.

Simply follow this link to download the latest Joost client.

TVO got a channel on Joost

June 18, 2021

TVO, Ontario’s public educational media organization, announced today that it is bringing its acclaimed,
thought-provoking programming to Joost, the world’s first broadcast-quality Internet television service.

“Partnering with Joost offers TVO new potential to expand our audience and increase the impact of our unique content in the borderless digital space,” said Lisa de Wilde, TVO’s Chief Executive Officer. “Now more and more people in Canada will be able to discover, on demand, just how true we are to
our vision of empowering citizens through educational media, and to our promise that TVO ‘makes you think’.”

Long known for its brave, bold and provocative documentaries, TVO will fittingly launch its Joost video channel with a sampling from its wide-ranging library of powerful documentary films. Viewers will be able to watch, share and interact with full-length offerings such as the Juno award-winning Escarpment Blues, Vienna 1900, and Canada’s War in Colour. New titles will be added monthly, and will be available for viewing to users in Canada.

Plans are also underway to introduce more TVO content to Joost in the future.

About TVO

TVO is Ontario’s public educational media organization and a trusted source of interactive educational content that informs, inspires, and stimulates curiosity and thought. TVO’s vision is to empower people to be engaged citizens of Ontario through educational media.

Joost prepping new web site: Forum has to go down

June 18, 2021

Joost blog report that:

Some of you might have heard that we’re developing a web-based version of Joost. Well, it’s coming and we’re excited about it – and we’re working really hard to build a great platform for video entertainment.

But there’s an unfortunate side effect, and that is that we are going to have to take down our forums while we’re getting the new site up. As a result, the forums will go down on June 20.*

We’ve set up a Google Group that we’d encourage you to visit if you have any questions about Joost or you want to participate in the community conversation – and we’re going to monitor and participate in these conversations. In addition to answering your support questions, we’ll also provide information about new shows and developments.

Please bookmark it and check it out here.

You can also email if you’re having any trouble.

Thanks for your patience. We look forward to seeing you on the new Google Group Joost Forums.

*Not the date when we’ll introduce the web-based version of Joost, by the way.

Joost figured out what to do

June 17, 2021

Silicon Alley Insider published an interview of Mike Volpi about the future of Joost.

Mike report that Joost player was a great execution of a 2006 vision that did not pan out as expected given the new 2008 playing field. Mr. Volpi also reported that Joost hope to provide a better package and presentation solution to content provider hoping they will limit distribution of the good content to Joost and a few others… instead of offering it all over the web as it appear to be the trend at the moment. I am not sure what you are hoping for here but let me tell you Mike… Hulu is king right now for content distribution and it will be hard to displace. Not executing quickly on the web player side it going to be hard to recover from.

But who knows, Hulu was marked by all as dead on delivery but prove everyone wrong. So there is still hope Joost might be able to pull the impossible.

Mike state that alternatively Joost is focussing on indie content… something Hulu is not currently offering. I am not personally interested in indie content but maybe others are.

When asked about running out of money Mike answered that Joost has plenty of money in the Bank. Enough to deliver the new web based solution and tweak it to satisfaction.

MyMediaPlayer, the Hulu player for your desktop

June 16, 2021

Paul Yanez is at it again… and this time he just built the best darn media player for Hulu. His creation is named “MyMediaPlayer”. OK, not the best name out there… actually the name is pretty lame, but let forget about that and let focus on all the rest.

MyMediaPlayer is an Adobe Air application. This mean that it will run just fine on OSX, Windows and even Linux… as long as you install the Adobe Air framework and then install Paul’s media player on your system.

The combination of MyMediaPlayer and Hulu web site is what one might expect Joost new web site and standalone player to be.

Read more

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