Joost popularity sliding, Hulu’s keep rising

May 24, 2021

If Google search trend is a good indicator of Web TV provider popularity then Joost has been steadily loosing internet users attention and is now at an all time low.

On the opposite side Hulu is steadily gaining more attention from internet users. So much so that it is now getting daily search levels higher to what was seen on the Hulu official launch day.

It is clearly time for Joost to come up with something good that will bring those users back… keep them and bring more there after.

Joost has certainly hinted about working on something good, most likely a new web video service. This is great because this is one of the main solution to Joost users base growth problem.

Users are certainly not leaving Joost because it lack content:

There are now more than 7,000 hours of video content and 30,000 programs - including TV shows, movies and clips. These shows come from our more than 250 content partners around the world. There is more than 400 television series and 1,200 movie and short film titles. Some of the most recent television series we’ve added to Joost include Twin Peaks, The Love Boat, Beverly Hills 90210 and Three Sheets (from MOJO), as well as classic cartoons like Popeye and Superman.

Users are not sticking with Joost for mainly two things:

  1. Joost require a client installation to watch content
  2. Joost lack those “got to watch this thing now” content like Hulu’s got.

So Joost need to come up with a pretty darn good solution to it’s problem: a web based player and some must watch content. Will Joost be able to do this right? Maybe, maybe not:

  1. It is being reported that the new Web solution of Joost might require a client installation (instead of using the more common Adobe Flash solution). Why? Because Joost is a peer-2-peer based solution… and need some proprietary code to deliver content to users. This will be a torn on Joost side if proven right.
  2. Hopefully Viacom and CBS will provide Joost the much needed premium content. But reports are that Viacom are getting pretty cold about investing more in Joost…

Let hope for the best. I am sure Mike Volpi has an ace up it’s sleeve.

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