XBOX 360 Power Supply Nightmare: The conclusion

May 23, 2021

OK, you might recall my saga with Microsoft XBOX support for my XBOX 360 power supply.

I am happy to report that I now have my power supply replacement.  I finally pushed hard enough on the support team to be put in touch with a nice supervisor that took personal care of my case.  He ws able to track the shipment of the original power supply as “Lost in transit” and ordered that a new one be rushed to me!

Two days later I received the power supply replacement.  This supervisor was very helpfull and kept calling me day after day to track the situation.  I was really amazed at the service.  I think this one person deserve a gold medal as he literally turned a dead end situation and angry customer into an hopefull situation and an almost happy customer (I mean, i still had to wait two months + to get my power supply).

I was a bit skeptical about the “Lost in transit” status of the original shipment and had put that as a nice excuse for a shipment omission… but what was not my surprise to receive another purolator package containing an XBOX power Supply two days after receiving the rushed one!  I checked the actual shipping label and guess what?  I was indeed marked as shipped the date Microsoft originally said it was shipped!

So Purolator is really the one to blame here!

Shame on Purolator!

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One Response to “XBOX 360 Power Supply Nightmare: The conclusion”

  1. dilibau on May 26th, 2008 11:19 am

    well, finally! but you need to learn this lesson: don’t EVER ( and I mean EVER!) take an Xbox 360 console again! stick with the PlayStation 3, those are far more reliable, and Sony’s customer service is by far more responsive and responsible than the Microsoft equivalent (actually, the MS customer care is of course based in India, so…). I’m no fanboy myself, however I’ve never heard of the problems you’ve encountered with your X60 being reported by Sony PS3 owners. Anyways, you got a lot to catch up so… have phun ! :)

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