OLPC XO-2, What a future Apple Mac Touch could be like?

Guess what was shown today? The next generation mock up of the One Laptop Per Child computer. It is called the XO-2 and I must say it look like an amazing concept.

One thing that struck me while watching the youtube video was how Apple could actually come out with such a device in the months to come. They certainly have the required technology to manufacture it:

  • Cocoa Touch framework
  • Proven iPhone/iPod Touch devices
  • Strong and light weight OS

Many have already speculate of such a device fromApple like seen on this poor quality mock-up:

Notice how similar the OLPC XO-2 and the Mac Touch mock-up are?

The Apple Mac Touch would be a very interesting device. Use it like a Monitor/Keyboard when needing a laptop style device. Use it as a two page book when you need to read, Flip the screens so they each face away and use it as a two person gaming platform (think of Battle Ship here).

The possibilities are great. I really hope to see come true sooner that later… and from Apple please, not from OLPC!

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