Hulu lands new partners as usages rises

May 20, 2021

Hulu videos will now be distributed on entertainment and social network sites,,,,, and, said Hulu Chief Executive Jason Kilar at the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit.

In April, users watched 63.2 million videos on Hulu and its partners’ sites and its viewers spent on average viewing 129.3 minutes per month, beating nearest rival Walt Disney Co’s, where users watched 60.8 million videos and spent an average of 57.3 minutes, according to Nielsen.

Hulu’s figures remain a far cry from those of YouTube, where users watched more than 4 billion videos in the same period. Hulu was hyped by bloggers and analysts as a “YouTube-killer,” a moniker that Hulu has repeatedly denied.

But technology-savvy users and blogs gave Hulu high marks for its cleanly designed site and trove of full-length shows.

Its launch has also inspired debate on the value of homemade videos and videos made outside of established television studios, such as those hosted on France’s Dailymotion and YouTube, compared with the professional shows hosted on Hulu and other network-owned sites.

Hulu’s partners have yet to figure out how best to attract more usage, McQuivey said, pointing out that it has been somewhat difficult to find Hulu videos easily on

Kilar said the lion’s share of viewers outside of depend on search to find shows and that it still had work to help improve its partners’ ability to find Hulu videos.

Offering Hulu outside of the United States is a top priority for the company.

Source: Reuters

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