JVC YouTube Camera

May 19, 2021

JVC is entering the YouTube space with the introduction of the “YouTube camcorder”. JVC is targeting the space firmly occupied by Pure Digital’s Flip Ultra video camera.

Pure Digital managed to get 17-percent of the digital camcorder marketplace with its low-quality, easily uploaded videos.

The camcorder connects directly to the user’s PC, via USB. Clicking the camera’s built-in Upload button will send videos directly to YouTube. The JVC GZ-MS100 features a 2.7-inch LCD, 35x optical zoom, auto backlight control, Cyberlink software, and a battery that should give you two hours of recording time on a charge. Also, interestingly enough, the camcorder will only recorder videos up to 10 minutes, matching YouTube’s upload limits.

The JVC GZ-MS100 is set to be released in June for $349.99.

Source: gearlog

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