Adobe Media Player: Joost done right

Written on April 10, 2021 by admin

OK, I am sure I will ear about this one but I will write it any way.

Today I decided to install Adobe Media Player on my Mac.  The install was rather painless.  It required the installation of Adobe Air before the actual Media Player installation.

Once everything is installed and you agree to the terms of reference you are granted with a nicelly done Media Player Client.  The client is visually appeling to the eye and use a similar color scheme as Joost.  The actual layout of the media player is rather similar too… but there is only so many way to crack an egg.

My 1st surprise was to find some CBS content that will actually play in Canada.  Exactly!  Finally some US content that will play up north.  I was able to start a full episode of CSI NewYork. I can watch big US productions on Adobe Media Player that won’t play in Joost… So I won’t need to use BT anymore to watch those!  This is great news!

The video quality of the episodes is actually amazing.  Much better than Joost actually.  And I have yet to see any stuttering.  This is the kind of quality and content that I have been waiting for with Joost but never got to see.

Another nice feature of the player is it’s “browser” like navigation that also act like a file folder browser.  It has a nice “navigation bar” at the top that behave similar to your typical “browser” toolbar.  It has a nice “home button”, “back” button, etc.

The left section of the screen present “channels” style link with a nice scroll bar that is actually usable.  Joost never delivered usable scrollbars in it’s client. Adobe MP also sport an interface that also feel “snappy”.  Joost feel slugish at times, where Adobe always feel like things are reacting right away. You really have to try both to understand.

This player is somewhat what I described Joost should be a couple of months ago.   Too bad they are taking so long to come up with a decent web version of the client.  Adobe certainly took the lead here.  Great player, great content, great video quality.

Joost, can you do better than Apple?  And please, bring some good US content to Canada!  Apparently Adobe is able to do it… unless it was an oversight that will be closed shortly…  I have sent a question to Adobe PR (Russell Brady) about this.  Hopefully I will receive an answer soon and will update this port with more details.

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